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  1. @Sam44Did you ever get the gearbox fitted?
  2. I had to fit 20mm spacers on my wheels but I have 20mm wider wings
  3. The way I tighten then is grab the rachet at the top where the socket is and tighten there. You have very little to no leverage there so you can't go too tight.
  4. you also need to get the rear mount (black bracket) and you also need the rear alloy mount that bolts onto the car.
  5. Are you sure you fitted the top mounts the right way around?
  6. I bought one from Toyota and programmed it to my glanza. My car didn't come with one to start off with.
  7. Everything is for sale at the right price
  8. I have a full Glanza Recaro interior in perfect condition. Front seats, rails, rear bench and door cards. What I would really like is to swap it for a similar condition set for a GT if anyone has any?
  9. I'm taking the key barrel light from my glanza and fitting it into my gt but as far as I can see the plug that was in the drivers footwell in the glanza is now in the passenger footwell for the gt. Do I have to extend the wires or is there another option for the key barrel light? I am also fitting footwell lights and I've noticed that they don't turn on when the door is opened same as the light on the roof. Is this likely to be a fuse? Thanks
  10. Why not buy a garret gtx2860 and fit a Subaru exhaust housing to it? It will fit straight on and flow more power than you will need in a starlet
  11. I got in on litecoin a few weeks ago. I only have a few coins but still made a nice wee bit. If anyone is looking to buy sign up to coinbase using the link below and we will both get some bitcoin in return. Coinbase probably has some of the highest fee's out of the lot but its probably your safest option too. https://www.coinbase.com/join/59a907407c7beb0247c9c758
  12. Good to see you on here. Keep us updated on any changes you make to the car. Was great meeting you.
  13. Sold to the first viewer. Please lock this thread.
  14. £600 is pretty cheap for a full Recaro interior to be honest.
  15. Its hardly this? https://www.cartechbooks.com/performance-automotive-engine-math.html?utm_source=DIY_muscle_car&utm_medium=top_blog_promo&utm_campaign=diy
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