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  1. Wow 4k for a Link install is crazy expensive. Most of that must have been labour cost. Hope this goes well for you.
  2. Haven't read a full build thread in ages. Fantastic MK2. Martins GT was very quick with that turbo kit on mate, you'll love it. What sort of ECU are you going to be running? Those pistons make things interesting, tell the mapper to take great care.
  3. So can you get that loom plugged into the 95 fusebox?
  4. I have only done this on a 82/85. You might need to use the Glanza dash loom and clocks in when doing a 91/95 to keep it all plug and play. Add in some pictures.
  5. Everything should plug into the turbo ECU.
  6. Hi pal, the turbo loom that you swap in is for things like the starter, alternator, injectors, distributor, ignition coil, tps, intake air temp, coolant temp etc.
  7. Does it look like some of the loom can be disconnected and replaced?
  8. You really want to keep the ep95 engine loom fusebox and unplug only the engine ancillary loom from the ep95 fusebox. Then add the ep91 turbo engine ancillary loom to the existing loom. This works on ep85 / ep82
  9. Use a rear disc with an ABS ring and ABS sensor.
  10. The 4wds, with handling mods, can be set up a few different ways depending on how you like to drive. It would depend what set you get. I was in talks with a company who makes them, called modception. Check them out. Best to measure yours and double check. His were, measured from pivot points: Lower links 455mm +/- adjustability Upper links 230mm +/- adjustability Panhard rod 760m +/- adjustability
  11. Good progress so far. You'll love the 4wd when you get some decent power through it. You can get aftermarket adjustable panhard rods and even 4 or 5 link kits for AE86 to fit to these, to help with the rear alignment. Or to get the back a bit lower.
  12. The pics from Fensport. Its a good idea, aswell as the modified master cylinder.
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