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  1. That is coming along now mate, what size of exhaust are you getting made?
  2. The early ae86 rear diff allegedly fits, but it is an 800 quid gamble. Good work so far dude. Will be interesting to see how they do the exhaust.
  3. 2 - should be in the thermostat housing aswell. It is only for the cluster temp gauge. You could fit an aftermarket coolant temp gauge.
  4. There are a few different thermostat housings. Yours might not match that loom.
  5. 1 - coolant sensor 2 - coolant gauge on dash cluster 3 - for AC sensor on thermostat housing, you no longer have it, there is a bolt there instead. (Irrelevant) 4 - cat temp sensor (irrelevant) Should be a green coolant temp sensor for the green plug 1, your sensor is grey. Does it fit?
  6. Just a little less room! Mine looked the part but it knocked so much, and the backbox would fall off as it was a sleeve join.
  7. A 2.5" custom system does physically fit over the axle but it there is no wiggle room whatsoever.
  8. What are you doing for an exhaust system?
  9. Mine could be a little higher, as it does rub the tyres. Which are a 190/600/16 tarmac tyre, so 195/50 ish size.
  10. I've got them on my GT. 8J. Tyres do rub a bit. Depends how you set your suspension.
  11. You get the Link A and B harness depending on the unit it might just be the A for the monsoon, then that gets wired into your loom or get a new engine bay loom made.
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