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  1. The pics from Fensport. Its a good idea, aswell as the modified master cylinder.
  2. Got sent a few pics of this in whatsapp the other day! Like this build, that rear under brace / mount looks ace.
  3. Maybe this isn't a GT4 sensor. All I know is it was the map sensor on this GT I am rebuilding. Its a black MK2, white bonnet, was running well over 300bhp, it won the TOTB a couple years. Fella called Mike owned it, there might be a build thread.
  4. 949940 - 6270 is the part number.
  5. You just don't see them like this anymore!
  6. Not 100% sure. It came off a GT i now own, it was a TOTB winner a few years ago. You are probably best off buying a new one.
  7. If you want a second hand map sensor i have a Toyota ST205 3 bar map sensor i'll sell cheap, i am not using it. That used to be the done thing back in the day on a Starlet. I went for a 4bar Link one.
  8. daniel_g

    Corolla 4efe

    No they don't. Well not from a bugeye e11 corolla anyway.
  9. It comes with the Corolla style manifold standard as it uses the Gen3 FE engine. You will also have a different ECU, wasted spark coil setup, fine spray navy / dark green injectors, a 4 wire o2 sensor (eco/emissions) The 4wd transfer box would probably bolt to the bellhousing of an OEM LSD gearbox. Same bolt / stud pattern. The 4wd manual diff very different to a regular FWD manual diff, its about 150% larger diameter and has a splined extension into the transfer box. Chances are, you'll need one. Do let us know how you get on though, if there is a quick fix we'd like to know.
  10. The JD ones are fine with me. All poly ones vibrate. Best bet would be to make your own with a very low shore rating. But mine never even set so didnt fit them, long in the bin. I was trying to make very near solid ones.
  11. You would have to get custom made poly mounts made with a lower shore compound. I have red JD tuning mounts in my 85, they are 65A i believe. I once tried to make my own with a 2 part liquid compound, but ended up not setting correctly.
  12. Most people use k20 ones as they are direct fit.
  13. Did you get the me221 working with COP? Also where did you end up for mapping?
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