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  1. I have a set of Meister r coilovers for sale soon, pm me if your interested. Cheers James
  2. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/q375699320?conversionType=search_suggest_history
  3. I have a Cusco one as in your pic.
  4. Discontinued by Toyota now, I have checked in Japan and there's no stock anywhere. Has anybody had to use any universal stuff that was a good fit or from a different model possibly? My drivers side one has snapped and looks awful. Any help appreciated? Thanks James
  5. Must of missed them mate, thanks for your reply though.
  6. I have them here mate. Can't pm you for some reason though. Cheers James
  7. As above, with folding function still operational please. 1ao silver would be ideal but other colours are fine. Drop me a pm if anyone has a set Thanks James
  8. I have one from a ebay kit I bought years ago if it's any use to you. It's quite short though. James
  9. http://japan-parts.eu/toyota/jp/1999/starlet/ep91-agmqy/4_121150_006_/body/6101_side-member
  10. Bought some items last week which turned up today, kept me updated and provided tracking. Good prices and well packaged. Buy with confidence. James
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