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  1. The Auto glanza v gearbox will fit, UK spec ep91 non turbo box is 3 speed and turbo models are 4 with overdrive.
  2. Could someone reset my membership renewal please? Thanks
  3. I'm asking on behalf of a friend, if anyone has one of these available please drop me a pm. Thanks James
  4. Looks awful imo, but would be great overtaking expensive German whips, would have to keep those mirrors. http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/TOYOTA/STARLET/700120048030190511001/index.html
  5. The Abs light will come on once it's removed, you can just remove the bulb.
  6. Welcome along mate, Starlets sure are good value for money. James
  7. The bonnet cable runs through the wing then along the bottom of the crash bar mate, open the drivers door and you should see where the stop sits behind. No photos I'm afraid.
  8. I have one mate, I won't be able to get to the car to remove it until the weekend though. Drop me a pm to remind me if you have no luck finding one before then. Cheers James
  9. The numbers are the amount of splines on the inner and outer of the joint, check which one you have before ordering if I were you.
  10. Yep sorted, top man thanks Trisk. James
  11. Has this been sorted yet lads? I'm still getting the same message when trying to renew my membership. Cheers
  12. If you do mean the c3r the wms 275mm kit fitted under mine with acres of room. They were et32.
  13. I'm not the owner but bought one when Zisco were selling them on here, they are very loud especially when the car is on idle, but do sound great high up the Rev range. James
  14. Welcome. If you are over 21 with a good driving history it should not be a massive amount to insure a Glanza. Have you tried Greenlight insurance? They are a broker on here and I have found their quotes very reasonable and service and modified cover is excellent imo. Good luck with the car James
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