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  1. As above, with folding function still operational please. 1ao silver would be ideal but other colours are fine. Drop me a pm if anyone has a set Thanks James
  2. I have one from a ebay kit I bought years ago if it's any use to you. It's quite short though. James
  3. For the auto gearbox oil
  4. http://japan-parts.eu/toyota/jp/1999/starlet/ep91-agmqy/4_121150_006_/body/6101_side-member
  5. Bought some items last week which turned up today, kept me updated and provided tracking. Good prices and well packaged. Buy with confidence. James
  6. 75w90 semi synthetic, I use Fuchs titan. Opie oils have a great selection.
  7. Thanks very much for the offer mate, but I dont think il bother fitting them, I fitted a set from TD years ago, they were a 1 piece steel bearing held in with a circlip and semed to make getting into gears more difficult. Not a mod that improved the car for me tbh, hope they work for you though. Cheers again
  8. Where was the bearing kit from mate? I bought a set from ID Works a few years ago and came with 5 washers for each bearing, this put me off fitting them as it looks sloppy. dont think il bother if this is the same kit.
  9. Sorry to spam your thread bailiff666, does anybody know which Tongs hybrid this is? It has a larger Wastegate than the Tongs ct9a I used to run on my GT.
  10. I haven't heard of anyone buying one new in a long time, there were a couple of different specs of the older models. I have one here I can check if you like?
  11. Better off picking up a Tongs hybrid and having it rebuilt for that money surely? Do you have to supply the housing?
  12. It is a mk1 gt and yes it was a factory colour code 3h4.
  13. Im jealous mate, silver ones seem to be very rare now. Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy once she arrives too. Best of luck with it and please keep us updated. James
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