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  1. Nice one, thanks. I'll have to put this idea on hold for the time being as I've got loads of other work to do on he car, mainly welding so I can it tested. Cheers Andy
  2. Thanks for the tip, I did think that was the case. As I have recently refurbed mine that may be a better option if I can find a pair of carriers, anyone? Thanks Andy
  3. Thanks for the offer, how much are you looking for them? Cheers Andy
  4. Please replace mate with M 8. Andy
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, however I'm a little puzzled, the bolts that attach the calipers on my car are mate, judging by the photos of Turbo carriers I've seen online, the bolts look larger than mate. Andy
  6. Hi all, I am toying with the thought of upgrading the the front brakes on my 1995 Starlet from standard to GT Turbo/Glanza items. My question is, is this a straightforward conversion, as in unbolt the standard parts and replace with the GT Turbo/Glanza parts. Thanks in advance Andy
  7. Thanks for the welcome. Yeah we understand it is a bit dog eared, but it was cheap enough and has a nice pair of Recaro seats fitted which are probably worth the asking price. It also has 5 nearly new Yokohama's
  8. Hello all. My son has just bought a 95 Starlet to compliment his 89 MR2 which we are working on. He's a bit of Toyota lad!!. We are going need some advice and parts for the Starlet and I thought we should start here. Thanks Andy
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