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  1. Nice to see a build thread - have been following on FB and Instagram.
  2. I'm looking for replacement bolt-on discs to suit the ST185 Celica GT5 single pot calipers on a Glanza - the discs are 277x25mm 4x100 for the 55 hub - can WMS still supply them?
  3. Yeah most likely the best way or some sort of pup piece to alter the brackets slightly.
  4. Hi folks, I've recently fitted an internally gated stainless Zisco CT9 manifold to my Glanza. The manifold fitted the block fine and attached to the turbo ok (although the studs were a different thread to the oem items where it connects to the turbo side), but I'm having issues when fitting the standard cat (for MOT) and decat which are both braced, where the two holes wont line up with the oem brace bracket on the block. Has anyone had this issue with aftermarket and specifically Zisco manifolds causing downpipe braces to be out of alignment? I have loosened the bracket from the block and the cat from the turbo, and with everything loose I can get all holes lined up and the bolts / nuts in and on - the only issue is then tightening that up will be stressing something as I'm forcing it to fit - my fear is that this could potentially be worse for the manifold than if it wasn't braced at all? Thanks, Kev.
  5. The threads on the zisco ram horn are not the same as the oem toyota studs - yeah at the turbo side.
  6. I've just fitted my K1, JAM ecu, Zisco ram horn and road runner decat - hopefully going to be a fun little setup. Got a blitz dual sbc and reckon 1 bar should give some nice performance.
  7. Following, also noticed this on mine.
  8. batbo

    Ct9 Hybrid

    Bump. Ideally a nice K1 or tongs but even a speedvision is OK.
  9. batbo

    Ct9 Hybrid

    Just seeing if anyone has a good internally gated ct9 hybrid for sale?
  10. Hi there, I saw on FB the new carbon and FP bonnets which will be released; will information be found on here and will there be a group buy or anything like that? If so I'm in! Kev.
  11. As per title, posted to Aberdeen. Thanks
  12. Thanks again Nick much appreciated. I was wondering once the ABS delete kit is fitted can you remove the sensors which are connected to the hubs? Also does it bring up a check engine light on the dash? Cheers.
  13. I'm looking to fit an ABS delete kit which I'm buying second hand so wont have how to instructions etc. I was just wondering if it's easy enough to fit with the engine in? Most installation threads I've seen are people doing it whilst the bay is empty.
  14. Just another quick question, I also have these OEM pedals. The clutch and brake were easy to install as the original rubber ones come off but the accelerator pedal wont; how did you install that one? Just drill through the rubber to mount the metal ones?
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