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  1. get a clamp like this in the correct size?
  2. I bought this one and it worked fine https://www.ebay.nl/itm/FOR-TOYOTA-STARLET-ALTERNATOR-1-3-4E-FTE-4EFTE-TURBO-EP91-GLANZA-V-EP82-GT-70amp/161399850475?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 I did have to trim the mounting point down a bit with a file because it didnt fit in the bracket
  3. Got mine from Ebay.co.uk pretty good deal
  4. whats your setup, everything stock or did you change anything?
  5. check the connectors on the distributor and ignition modules?
  6. give us a photo of your old caliper and we will be able to tell
  7. check if the cam gears have their dots alligned aswell? disregard, just saw you already did that I would replace the timing belt and set the timing correct according to the guides, it should work then
  8. Cilinder numbers go from 1 to 4 starting at the timing belt side
  9. Would you sell the Tein springs by themselves and ship overseas? Do you maybe also have an adjustable panhard?
  10. Maybe check if your MAP sensor has a bad ground or broken vacuum hose?
  11. Would get an ebay slim fan, have had mine for years
  12. Your colourcode will be on the identification plate on the firewall
  13. The way to do it is to loosen the 2 bolts which hold the distributor assy and rotate the entire thing. If you have it set about halfway it will be roughly correct, but the way to perfect it is to use a timing light
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