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  1. I've had problems with this aswell, car failed 2 times on a rear wheel bearing before I finally got it to pass. I thought I was doing the nut tight enough at home and I would test for play with the car jacked up but on the drive to the MOT station it would still develop some play which i didnt have before your old school mechanic is correct that the nut shouldnt be too tight but he 's being too careful with it, they still have to be 'sort of' tight also because its a new bearing I can imagine it has to wear in a bit and needs re-tightening after a short while if the nut is tightened too much the wheel will rotate less smooth while the car is jacked up. try to tighten the nut atleast 1/8 or 1/4 of a turn more than you would think is right and see if it still turns smoothly (car jacked up) and let it be tested again otherwise just ask your MOT guys to fix it as it is hardly more than 15-30 mins work to tighten the nut a bit more.
  2. I would only replace it with an OEM Toyota or Bosch sensor Alternatively you could try cleaning your sensor
  3. did you recently fuel her up? there's thing about about E10 fuel in the news which definitely isnt good for our cars
  4. You could fit EP90 (P9) NA hubes and brakes which are easier to find in the NL
  5. Im at 292k km here. Regular oil and filter changes, keep the fluids topped up. Avoid driving in snow and salt if you can because it will start to rust before you get to 500k. What gave me a huge peace of mind was to get the injectors tested and cleaned aswell
  6. You checked for vacuum leaks, but maybe theres a vacuum hose still unplugged? think of brake booster etc..
  7. yes they will I've been running NA driveshafts on my EP82 for a couple of years
  8. is it a non-LSD gearbox? you can fit any other driveshaft from EP71, EP81 or EP91, NA or turbo. This might be easier and cheaper to find
  9. bolting it down to the floor is not a good idea either, in a crash it will rip through the seat and crush you down. You need to add a bar behind the seat at shoulder height
  10. Contact an importer of jdm cars they will know companies who can convert your headlights
  11. if there are different looms then they will have different PN's aswell... but the tag might be gone
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