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  1. that looks awesome! no way, i think the wheels look great, what type are they?
  2. try a different relay?
  3. fixed, can lock this.
  4. Maybe it's yours which is on the wrong side instead 😋
  5. thick ground wire from gearbox mount to battery negative terminal another ground is on the back of the inlet manifold additionally you could add a ground from the right engine mount to the chassis
  6. its a strange colour but glad to see something different every once in a while! toyota PN for the oil pump seal is 90029-21007, so you might wanna get an original one while its still accessable. thermostat housing can be fitted with normal black sealant throttle body gasket is 22271-11030
  7. EP82 wing will have a tiny hole in the center of the wheel arch to clip on the wheel arch plastic and possibly an EP80 wing will have a hole for a side indicator light
  8. It would probably be better to find a good used original Toyota part from a scrapper. If you dont mind the postage from my country, I could sell you one.
  9. Check if there is any alternative partnumbers on the seal you couldn't order, thats how I found mine
  10. What the name of this block to collect wires?
  11. thats pretty cool, havent seen that before
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