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  1. Thanks guys, really appreciate it!
  2. Hi guys, I have a question regarding setting timing. I pointed the timing gun at the crank pulley, it was at 0° so I loosened the distributor and turned it till the crank pulley was at 5° which is correct actually to my manual. My timing gun was reading 30, would this mean the timing is now at 30° and I should have turned the advance dial until the gun read 0 and the crank pulley was at 0 before moving the distributor to get 5°? Apologies if this is a confusing question!
  3. Hi folks, I'm looking to fit a 2e distributor to my 1e engine. The 2e distributor has 3 wires one black, black/orange and blue. If I take the black/red wire from the coil ballast and connect that to the black/orange on the distributor then connect the blue wire on the 2e distributor to the connector that the 1e distributor condenser was connected too, everything should work or is that wrong. Apologies for the long thread Many thanks.
  4. I've it wired up to a switch, when I press the switch the relay clicks but no horn working. If I earth the horn on the body it works constantly
  5. I thought it was the aftermarket steering wheel causing it, so changed back to the oem wheel and problem still occurred. So I tired wiring it up separately to a 4 pin relay but the relay clicks but no horn and when I earth the horn on the body its on constant. Maybe I done it wrong. Would one of the two connections on the horn button be an earth?
  6. Hi, Having an issue with my Starlet P7 horn. The horn works when wired to a positive and negative of the battery but when I plug it into the car nothing happens. I checked the earth, fuse,wiring and changed the switch assembly behind the steering. It didn't solve the problem. Any ideas?
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