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  1. I’m just wondering where the best place is to get everything I need to rebuild the bottom end of my 4efe? found most of what I need in I’d-workz but I’m really struggling to find piston rings !
  2. Hi. Anyone know where I can source a manifold these days ?
  3. Ahh right fair play man !! I’m trying to get a better exhaust manifold as well but they seem to be gold dust !!
  4. Ok perfect that’s really helpful! I was going to put turbo valve springs into it but found mixed information on them! do you know the best place to get the valve springs from ? Only seem to find aftermarket ones for like 200 quid
  5. Hi im currently building up the head in my na starlet. I’ve had 0.25 mm skimmed off the head and I’m going to be fitting a 0.5 mm head gasket from ID workz. I’m wondering if there is any difference in cam shafts + valve springs between the 4efe head and the 4efte head. I’ve read up a lot of threads but some people claim that there is no differences and others claim there is. mid like to get some information on this before I put the engine back together!
  6. Hi I’m looking for a 4-1 exhaust manifold for an na starlet.
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