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  1. Usually this happens due to a warped/none surfaced manifold flange plate and not over tightening, make sure you have the manifold surface checked and if required skimmed as well or you could end up in the same situation after you've fixed it.
  2. Always got something to do! 👍 Just if I can be arsed or not. I've no longer got a build thread.... nothing on my car thats not been done before. 😁
  3. Fyi Paseo carriers are the same as standard glanza/gt ones
  4. I'm after a EP91 towbar but can't find any after a Google/ebay search. I'm presuming there no longer available to buy?
  5. There is an idle screw under the rubber bung on the throttle body.
  6. I made a ptfe gasket set for the manifold and an aluminium plate so it can be reversed if ever needed.
  7. The tank fitting have different shapes and different plugs. Round for 96-97 oval for 98-99 iirc. Could be the other way round. I'm pretty sure the actual sensor inside is the same even the paseo one should fit.
  8. Benefits are less load on the battery while loaded up like headlights on full, heater blower on full, rear heated screen on especially this time of the year. Getting your battery upto full charge quicker good for people that use the car for short runs or not regular. It wouldn't over charge the battery the alternator has built in regulation and knows when its under load "supply's to demand". Pulley size is usually the same on the Same model of alternator it just has higher output (thicker winding on the stator and rotor plus bigger diodes in the rectifier) Usually the alternator gets
  9. All SR models are 98/99 so unless toyota had to fit 96spec stuff to fit the AC or some previous owner has retro fitted it off a glanza you should have a pollen filter.
  10. I'm thinking more idle and deceleration the vacuum created in the manifold can be upto -1bar I've seen mine at 0.8bar that could possibly suck the valve open causing a juddering effect when decelerating as the valve opens and closes with the vacuum increasing and decreasing. Its only in theory as I've never seen it done before suppose there is only one way to find out. I hope it works.
  11. I know its the first time I've commented on your thread but I don't want you to go to all this effort and time/money.......Are you sure you want the wastegate that side of the throttle body? I see something going wrong there.
  12. http://www.toyotasera.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=2873 Its a 4efte.
  13. It is not!100% not abandoned. Think he's just enjoying the boost.
  14. This advert is nearly 5years old 😁
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