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  1. Glanza 98 Spoiler in white with clear brake light £50 Cat back stainless Exhaust system £100 Stock Gearbox £150 Rear calipers (needs refurbished) £50 Skirts x 2 one red one white set £20/set Rear bumpers x 3, 2 white, 1 red £10/ea 98 Front bumper with lip £125 Arm rest £80 98 grill £40 Td04 front mount intercooler kit £100 Set of 3 stock engine mounts. £30 I also have doors bits of trim a headlight ,wing mirror, glass, door window machs, wiper motors, starters etc just ask. All prices are cash on collection only M242QU
  2. It's part of the sunroof unit, not part of the roof lining.
  3. I want a 5e even just a bottom end.
  4. I've got a red tailgate with no spoiler you can have for cheap but collected only as it'll get damaged in transit
  5. Yeah that's to low even not running should be 12v+
  6. Even with the battery disconnected the car will still run once started sounds like alternator is dead. Check charge rate while running with no load 14v on load (lights heater rear screen) 13.5v.
  7. I'm pretty confident its glued up round the door/boot opening.
  8. Wrap the bare wires with insulation tape.
  9. As title. Anyone got some stashed away that they never ended up using.
  10. IIRC it's 55mm I can check later when I'm home.
  11. lukEp

    Ep82 handbrake cables

    Usually calipers when that happens as the cable is still moving.
  12. It's not possible. There are bolts On the inside of the bellhousing that will need to be removed.
  13. Had 2 glanza that I wanted some bits off and broke the rest, these are the parts i have left. 3SDM 0.05 Wheels with legal tyres £350 Genuine Livesports spoiler SOLD Red 96spec stock body kit £300 BONNET SOLD Stock glanza gearbox (no crunches or leaks) £250 All 3 yellow poly bush engine mounts SOLD White Glanza Rear bumper needs painting £20 White passenger door £20 Red DC2 recaros no rails £550 Shifter and cables £40 FTE ECU £30 Knock sensor £20 FET turbo timer and glanza harness £15 Coil £20 Ignition amp £20 Stock turbo radiator £20 None turbo radiator £20 Heater matrix £20 Blower motor £15 98spec Glanza lock set £65 Any other parts just ask All items are collection but postage can be arranged at cost except the livesports spoiler and body kit due to risk of damage Items located at M24, Middleton, Manchester. Payment via PayPal cash or bank transfer. Message me or 07856009923
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