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  1. At least mines not the only one then haha
  2. Thanks for everyone's help. Was dreading a mojor problem but needed to hear other opinions be for I ripped her apart. Anyone got an idea of the easyest way to fix and what parts I will need. So I no weather it will be easier to get another motor
  3. Oh dear.would this cause the high oil pressure?
  4. Ring lands? 1 bar of boost
  5. Oh ok thanks. Looks like I've got my work cut out then
  6. What do you mean by oil blow by?
  7. My td04 glanza has started blowing oil out of the breather on the cam cover. Oil pressure if really high? Any ideas? Help!!!!
  8. I have a picture of the repaired head but duno how to upload it lol
  9. Hahaha, Ill upload a pic tomoz, cheers again for your ideas
  10. Lol, its defenatly not the fog, it still has 12v to it and is nicely wired in to a harness, nothing more boring than chasing wies
  11. lol thanks for the coments, but unfortunatly is for none of the above. will have to get the meter out and see where it goes
  12. on my ep91 there is a random switch placed in the dash next to the mirror controller, its not anything fancy just a normal on/off switch, any ideas what this would be for? instead of me sitting there digging around i thort i mite cheat and ask you guys
  13. Oh really, I got mine back this morning, got it welded and a little brace welded on for £80, done the job
  14. Oh really, can you private message me to let me no how much your after for it just encase? Is it built up ready to fit or is it just the bare head. Thanks
  15. Brilliant, will strip it down Monday and see if I can find someone to do it, thanks
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