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  1. Cheers dude! I did realise the drive shafts are different, but did not realise they may be next to impossible to find here.
  2. Spotted this when looking for a gearbox replacement: Does it look like it has an LSD? Cheers!
  3. This forum need a like button, that 2Z sounds great!
  4. Aw man I'd like to have a rear wing like that.. and paint like that. Keep up the work!
  5. Welcome! That's one clean looking Starlet you have there Best to check yourself as I am not 100% sure, but Engine should be around 3.2L (at least my EFTE took that much) and the gearbox (Manual) is around 2L Hopefully this link works for you: http://www.datateck.com.au/lube/CastrolRetailNzl/ I haven't personally replaced the gearbox oil myself, but for the engine oil, I get a 4L bottle of Castrol Magnetec and after dropping the oil and changing the filter, add 2L in and then start checking the dip stick. You don't want to be over filling the engine with oil.
  6. How much are you thinking of letting them go for buddy?
  7. I got bored whilst on sick leave and threw a giant pod filter on
  8. Do you mind messaging me some photos? I'm not sure what they look like. Cheers!
  9. Would they be worth shipping across the globe though?
  10. Probably a little late now.. but I own a 2002 blob eye WRX (non-sti) that's been modded with the following: -VF30 (replaced the factory TD04HL) - STi Pink injectors - STi intercooler Full dyno tune. I bought this car knowing it had far too many owners before me (5+) but I took the gamble and got quite lucky. I'd say it really depends on the service history + how the car has been treated. I'd put a lot of love into my Scooby and have quite a reliable and very fun car to drive. In New Zealand, we get the JDM imports, so they'er all tuned for 100+ RON petrol and up until recently, the best fuel available in my area was BP 98, so for us, a re-tune is the best thing to do.
  11. Anyone know if you can still get aftermarket pedal covers for Starlets? I know AliExpress sell cheap, generic ones, but I thought I'd ask on here for before shelling out a few $$
  12. Hey guys, I'll be making the journey from New Zealand to England in August for about 6 weeks, 3 of them will be on a tour around Europe and I was wondering if there would be any Trackdays/Evetns UKSO would be going to? It would be great to see some of these clean Starlets I keep seeing here Cheers!
  13. Full: https://imgur.com/8PpY3gJ Wheels are finally on! They aren't perfect, but close enough. I took the car back to get it's WoF, but it failed once again due to the ABS light not working. Thankfully it was just a blown bulb. It desperately needs a wheel alignment and then I can look at what I want to do next.
  14. Small update: The wee girl failed a WoF ( MoT for you guys) a few weeks ago on the front tyres having too much inner wear, oops! So I took the opportunity to put the car on jack stands and get all four wheels powder coated. I also gave the calipers a lick of paint whilst I was at it.
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