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  1. I had a set of EBC Yellow Stuff, pretty good pads in the cold and not too bad on the track.
  2. Perfect! I've noted your part number so I can order a set when it's pay day. My bushes look 20years old.
  3. Are those roll bar bushes for the factory sized roll bar? Haven't been able to source anything locally for the stock one.
  4. Hey team, I know Toyota stopped production of probably all C52 parts, making rebuilding these really hard. But any there places in the UK who may still stock parts? Would love to get my C52 rebuild and in use as it's been a year since my mechanic took it in to rebuild
  5. Great, thanks guys - I noticed there is the icon for the low fuel light on my car.. but it didn't go off, maybe the bulb is blown too.
  6. Must be time for another gremlin.. the fuel gauge on my car now has a mind of it's own Does anyone know if the fuel gauge on the tank is the same between EP91,95, turbo, non turbo? There is a wrecked non-turbo locally that I can pinch parts off.
  7. If your fuel is garbage.. i wouldn't be upping boost, but yes that's right.
  8. I didn't in the end, I put back some halogen bulbs and left it at that
  9. Sending good vibes from the other side of the world! Would love to be in England/Europe traveling again. Keep up the good fight guys!
  10. A few months ago I actually re did a few of the earths in the engine bay, I'll recheck those. I found one earth in cabin on the drivers side, just where the bottom of the door is, but it looked nice and clean, I should actually traced the cables back come to think of it, oops.
  11. Hey guys, My little EP91 failed it's WoF (MoT for you UK folk) on a few things, ones that i will get a mechanic to sort out, but I'm pretty keen to try figure these out: - Brake lights flicker when indicators are going The brake light bulbs are.. cheap and nasty LEDs, but could a poor ground be causing this? I will try some proper bulbs first - High stop light is on when the park lights are on This, I couldn't replicate when I got home.. so I'm not sure what to make of this. Any ideas?
  12. Sorry man, I have no idea I'm not really mechanically knowledgeable. Someone else here will know! Sing out when you get your Glanza running and want to meet up Or if you ever need a hand with anything.
  13. Ah nah the Starlet in my profile pic isn't mine Mine is silver, with a giant gash on the drivers side, with silver/grey rims Fair point in regards to the compressor side.. Bishopdale to Burwood isn't far, I''m sure it will be fine
  14. I drive through Linwood everyday You'll still have the exhaust spinning the turbo, so there's no real way of bypassing it. Do you have to travel far? I'd hate to say to nana it home and then it turns pear shape
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