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  1. Really just interested in all apart from the front bumper and mid spoiler, is the rear lip genuine?
  2. Take 400 for the lot? What’s your name mate much easier to text threw messenger on Facebook
  3. Just wondering would a ae111 lsd box fit in my ep70 with a normal efe bell housing on a 5e, the 5e is na and I was also wonderin which clutch and is there any light flywheels I could use? Also any other cheap ways of getting more power out of the 5efhe
  4. Hi i live in Ireland but i took my one out of England its got the same interior as yours looking for a set of doorcards any cars breaking over there?
  5. Ull find a boy on Facebook he has a yellow van ep70 he has one on his
  6. Well man looking for some parts for my global model starlet wondering would you sell some parts of your donor cars
  7. Looking for a driver's side gl door card and also a centre consol for an ep70
  8. Any ep70 parts in the uk/Ireland for sale

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