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  1. I do have 2 sets of skirts, 1 uncut front lip, 1 cut front lip and 1 rear lip. But not for sale
  2. I fitted an ep82 one on my ep70. I had to weld some extensions on the end of the bar. So that you can bolt the drop links on. Ran that for a while till I got hold of a GAB 24mm one
  3. Think I only had to move a couple of wires for the indicators and couple of the dash light wires. Also added an earth for the elimination lights. Was really simple following the tracks on both clusters
  4. It's the torque for all wheels on starlets.
  5. Nothing wrong with alloy wheel nuts. I'v taken loads of wheels off and on with them on. No problems at all. It's just the idiots who tighten them up without a torque wrench!
  6. Picked up a new work horse today. The drive home was silky and quite compared to the ep70 turbo daily! Will no most likely end up with a fair few mods...
  7. It's all bout the suspension mods. Cars looking clean
  8. i would say a baffle sump is a good insurance. The 4e GT sump I use does not like right hand bends. I quite often watch my oil pressure drop and have to back off. I am using the worst sump tho. Need to change to a Glanza sump with baffles. I'm only running ad08r's on a pretty well set up car.
  9. What wilwood kit you nunning? Looks the the offset on the discs/ brackets is a bit out. I'v not had this problem with the 3G kits on several cars
  10. I don't have a pic, but could possibly pull my dash to have a look over the next couple of days. From memory know it was the illumination earth wire needed adding, and something else. It was a very easy job to get it all working. Even my economy light worked
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