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  1. How much extra room did the genuine ones give you compared to the other ones?
  2. It's just a put together kit. Was run on a ep91 for one a couple of track days. 290mm rotors with a 4 pot caliper. He never had any issue with it on his ep91 which is what's confusing me
  3. Here's a couple of photos to show what's happening.
  4. Just went to put my wilwood brakes onto my ep70 but have found a issue where once you put the wheel on,​ the balljoint locks up against the rotor. I'm running the aftermarket balljoint not a genuine one, has anyone got a photo showing the difference the aftermarket one has compared to the genuine one. I'm running ep82 hubs / ball joints etc
  5. I got one man but Im in new Zealand so shipping might be a killer?
  6. I've also got one but I'm in new Zealand?
  7. yo your inbox is full let me know when you've deleted some
  8. '4AGTE'


    Time to get some filthy dubstep up in yah!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S3WVnJJovE
  9. cheers guys!! slowly getting there
  10. Yeah bro proper desmonds. I'm currently running tanabe coil overs but maxing out the rears atm so currently getting some new bilstien rear coil overs made for it
  11. Well hereâ??s a long over due update. I will try update this more from now on Quite a bit has changed on the car now. This is what the car looks like atm I am now running a garrett t3/t4 custom hybrid turbo, so I got a new manifold, downpipe etc (This is a older pic) I chucked a whiteline antilift kit in what made abit off a difference. Here a general interior shot, the seat looks faded but isn't in real life must off been the flash on my camera. Been through quite afew steering wheels, but now I'm running a momo suede dished steering wheel. Heres a few pics with the back stri
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