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  1. Might meet you lot at Watford Gap then..
  2. Ordered mine as well, will shove the Mazda at the back 1. Rob bower 2. Rich-k 3. scott-d- 4. Hutchy 5. Dansstarlet1996 6. ×_milch_x 7. Loz180691 8. Bussey 9. _jt_ 10. Matt1878 11. Mathewep91v 12. Chriswep91 13. Aleximport 14. FlauraSR 15. Dan106 16. Boylo99 17. Raffa_mk 18. Sparkeythestarlet 19. Drongo 20. Old man drongo 21. LukeSR
  3. Glad everyone's on the road to recovery!
  4. Same here gotta wait till pay day! Wonder what it'll be like at Silverstone this year, looking forward to it!
  5. Thread cleaned, any more crap and the ban hammer will be out so you can calm down for a few days
  6. They sure are cracking cars..! I was getting a bit bored with it until I bought the Cobb so fell back in love with it now again
  7. Yes mate it will be J-Tuned :-) I've got a downpipe coming as well so hopefully should see around 300 once that's on and a custom tune !
  8. Not updated this in awhile.. Will of had it a year next month, time flies lol! Done a few bits to it, new front lip (which needs replacing now ), had the windows tinted and bought myself a Cobb accessport V3 and some high pressure fuel pump internals!
  9. Merry Christmas guys, don't drink too much!
  10. LukeSR

    chat up lines

    I bought a T-shirt that had "remember my name because you'll be screaming it later" when I was about 15... The looks on my mothers face when she seen it!!! :lol:
  11. Yeah you will have to wait until admin are back dude, Sunday night / Monday morning
  12. Thanks to all the members on the stand, shame about the idiot marshal that wouldn't listen though and that silly max power stand!! Nice to see new and old faces as per!
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