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  1. it was sold recently on ebay and wondered if anybody knows who has it now please ~?
  2. Such a shame shit like that happens after all that hard work. That's called sods law that.gutted for you matey
  3. Screamers are awesome.they sound great. I welded the actuator arm to the sleeve it moves in.never had an issue.
  4. Did brands without an oil cooler. Only issue I had was a tiny stock sized intercooler not being very efficient. That was the only high temp I saw.
  5. Daniel g you can purchase springs in various weights from a place called gaz suspension in Basildon dude. I had them machine my twins down to accept there standard spring sizes for there own "gaz" coil overs. They are really helpful and they do any spring rate u could ever want. Jay the progress u have made is awesome.crack on dude and we'll done
  6. Might be worth lapping in the external waste gate valve dude.
  7. Haha dale.i commented on something and tried it and it weren't for me. Fwd and small is were my heart is
  8. have u not got instructions with the unit ? if not look it up online dude that way u cant go wrong
  9. heya matey,i live in southend and will hopefully soon have another starlet
  10. yeah true,heard of the bracing obvoiusly helping alot. i would only ever get a mild steel when buying cheap because of this. stainless with a zisco etc
  11. dude that cars had so much work gone into it,really looks well. and that green colour !!
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