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  1. The budget build has gone more and more out of hand and it peaked a few weeks ago when the car was asked to be part of Finland's biggest car show American Car Show / Tuning Car Show 2018 in Helsinki Follow me on Instagram if you already don't: https://www.instagram.com/ollyollee/
  2. Good job, looks brilliant! I've always loved these sky blue starlets.
  3. They're 14x9.5" at front and 14x10" at back. All are ET15, but rear has 5mm spacers to clear the beam and front has 3mm spacers to clear the brakes.
  4. Hi again! Almost a year has passed and all the photos have disappeared. This is my EP70 from yesterday.
  5. Haha, cool to see more Glanzas from Finland! I live in Helsinki, but our garage is in Tuusula, near Järvenpää. Drop me a private message if you need to ask anything about Starlets. You can check my Glanza and EP70 Starlet pics here: https://www.instagram.com/ollyollee/ I will gladly help and answer any questions. I'm not a professional, but I've been around Starlets from 2002 so I might know something. Your Glanza looks good, the coilovers make a huge difference! Keep up!
  6. I have the same kit in 34mm, and I think I need 31mm for my Glanza. Wanna swap? PM me if you're up for swaps!
  7. Big up bro! Yeah I remember you. ET40 might be a good idea. My only concern would be that would the rims touch the shocks. That can be arranged with spacers of course, but then you will probably need some longer wheel studs. You could put ET25 to front and ET40 for the rear?
  8. You just need an adjustable panhard rod for the rears to fit nicely, and some rolling for the fenders too..
  9. This is 16x8 ET25 with stretched tires in size 195/40
  10. 16x7.5" ET35. ET 40 will sit like a cm more in than these. I'd take ET25 instead. Two more.
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