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  1. Looks a lot better Where did you get them from.
  2. Not really sure some do have them some don't I belive the only way to tell is remove glove box and have a look.
  3. I have a 96 spec and it has ac but no filter I have removed ac.
  4. No worries anytime was happy to help, thanks for the info.
  5. Nice build would this be the Rods your looking for?
  6. Me to when you say gutter rails is that the plastic trim on roof?
  7. After the rears I will make some I think and yea they should all be the same only difference being is rear drums so lines would need some moding I think. Plus not many scrap ep91 around this end.
  8. Yea certain parts are becoming a real issue I did manage to get new bearings for gearbox took a while though. Rear caliper bolts ect some are available others are not still waiting on my enquiries to be answered from negan and import duty is insane. I purchased a new filler neck for fuel tank wasn't a bad price then with import it worked out about 80 and its only a small part. May have to try and match some of the sizes if I can as I have a lot of bolts that have been rounded off. You can't even get original brake or fuel lines now have to fabricate your own. And most of the plastic clips ect
  9. It costs a small fortune to get stuff to the UK negan, jp car parts or amayama and some stuff is discontinued currently searching for some bolts.
  10. That looks smart na I never started one the things in bits still. I've built a collection of parts over years and had stuff powder coated. Needed to get the rear axel and fuel tank back on and make some new lines for it. Once that's sorted I can focus on the engine bay. My 5e block is still in bits only half built. The bottom end has wosner pistons and pec rods but heads currently sat on the nackered 4e block with bottom end failure and needs taking off and refurbing. Cars been sat there now for about 6 years but I recently been trying to do bits to get the shell rolling again but it's not in
  11. It getting very hard to find a clean un messed with example. I pain 900 for mine didn't realise how rough it actually was I brought it with bottom end knock for a project and every aspect of the car has been messed with bolts rounded off extra. Currently struggling finding some of the bolts and fixing clips as they are discontinued and you can't get the fuel and brake lines that run under the car you have to make them.
  12. Nice they certainly are on the rise shame it so hard to get some of the parts
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