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  1. Thanks for the reply Morgey. The reason im asking is because i plan to go turbo in the future, and by then i would like to be able to stop again. Cheers
  2. So i got a N/A starlet that i want to upgrade the rear drumbrakes to glanza discs. My question is, can i just buy rear calibers and discs and swap them around? I know there is a problem with the handbrake cables on the 2 models. Or do i need a OEM glanza rear axle? Cheers
  3. Hello ukso from Denmark. Got my startet about a year ago and absolutely love! It's pretty stock, new wheels, 40mm lowering etc. It got a kinda special sunroof i belive.
  4. As title says im looking for a SR TTE spoiler and Glanza sideskirt, but mostly the spoiler needs to be able to post to Denmark Cheers Kjaereby
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