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  1. looking very sweet any inside pics
  2. I hope you can see it through! Way too far now! These builds get to a point where you can't justify that next £100. It's when the strongest part hunts out the weakest and they hold everything back through to something super simple that got over or under looked good luck I hope you get where you want to be
  3. Clutch gave up on me so was time for a new one. Tempted for a remap!
  4. Zisco floorbar. Will need washers to fit the bolts snug. It's going cheap as not perfect condition. £55 delivered UK
  5. Mint condition 98 spec wheel no airbag. £30 delivered UK
  6. UK NI postage £45 posted add paypal fee's not find a new set cheaper.
  7. Just the two radiator hose's that is missing will post for £45
  8. Gainzy

    Got some

    Nightmare lol
  9. Gainzy

    All got

    Got a light. Any mats kicking around?
  10. Type A livesport front lip. What are the wheels? Hoy some more pics up all arounder inside please
  11. Gainzy

    All got

    Second hand working one will do me
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