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  1. £45 job lot small price to protect your wheels
  2. For sale JDM Universal fitment. £20 delivered Putting this in general sale's as I don't know much about it. Price reflects ebay price's..there quite expensive. Looks cool.
  3. I have some silver wheel nuts for sale, these came on my V from Japan years ago, still in good shape. They come with locking nuts and special socket. I also have a set of new sockets 17 19 21. M12x1.5 £65 all in? Via paypal
  4. I just sold a few decent bits even then it took a little while..honest it's more hassle than it's worth your better off selling the whole thing and as always the case you probably won't get what you should your better off finishing it who care's if it take's another 5 years
  5. I also have a tial 38mm spring if I remember it's a 0.8 pressure. £15 delivered UK or collection DH8 Paypal
  6. Jam racing style eyelids. Already painted in 040 Super White || also 3M tape in place ready to use. Test fitted they are a pretty decent fit. £55 delivered Uk post PayPal or collection DH8 Co Durham
  7. Gainzy


    All sold please lock
  8. I have some flywheel bolts somewhere
  9. I'm surprised you have changed so much I think you had it spot on before these change's
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