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  1. Looking through this again, I wonder what has happened coming up 3 years
  2. Thanks man yeah it's getting there, yeah I got it for £50 might aswell hoy it on for that price, never heard of or seen one before, I knew about the TRD one's in one of the brochure's.
  3. This is now sold to me Admin to lock please
  4. The joys! Hopefully it will be a snug fit I will see soon haha
  5. TRD lsd is in always handy to have a spare box.. it feels very good! Underseal and fuel tank guard to do next..my buddy has some Advan wheels might try them on for size hmmmmmm
  6. Anyone got one kicking around not the mirror control size the smaller one just to fill the void.
  7. I'm not dead yet...I still have the old girl... Sold a few parts here and there, such as life plans changed. Recent purchase's were Work wheel nuts and an ARP fuel tank guard. Hoping to get it undersealed again soon and fit TRD gearbox in the next few weeks.
  8. £45 job lot small price to protect your wheels
  9. For sale JDM Universal fitment. £20 delivered Putting this in general sale's as I don't know much about it. Price reflects ebay price's..there quite expensive. Looks cool.
  10. I have some silver wheel nuts for sale, these came on my V from Japan years ago, still in good shape. They come with locking nuts and special socket. I also have a set of new sockets 17 19 21. M12x1.5 £65 all in? Via paypal
  11. I just sold a few decent bits even then it took a little while..honest it's more hassle than it's worth your better off selling the whole thing and as always the case you probably won't get what you should your better off finishing it who care's if it take's another 5 years
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