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  1. You won't miss it if you see it that's for sure haha just remember who built it they just bought it
  2. My old one went to Birmingham. Harlow jap imports in Essex he has the original, yes I've seen Jacks on here...my mate had the TD04 TD billet 1.4 bar boost the slightest bit damp just span even with LSD. Maybe try the same turbo you may not want to go any bigger. I hope you get it complete
  3. I got a jzx100 things are not so bad man lol the genuine JAM glanza is in essex no good having a lookalike 😉
  4. Where are you Troy left me in despair with this build I wanted to see your track times with the K1
  5. 4 month on without my glanza seems a long time. I don't regret selling it I regret not driving it everyday! Have a good Christmas take care
  6. £150 last part and I'm done lads who wants a decent box
  7. I'm having alot of work done as we speak. The forums abit dead not sure it's worth a write up tbh just a daily car my TRD fuel cap fit off my glanza though haha
  8. Somebody must want a spare. Hate to think I'd be gambling on a facebook one lol
  9. Update needed well over due. It's a great build man.
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