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  1. Gainzy

    Got some

    Nightmare lol
  2. Gainzy

    All got

    Got a light. Any mats kicking around?
  3. Type A livesport front lip. What are the wheels? Hoy some more pics up all arounder inside please
  4. Gainzy

    All got

    Second hand working one will do me
  5. Your going to love how cheap parts will be after owning an evo for sure! Good luck
  6. This is for EP82 NOT EP91 the plugs are different.
  7. Gainzy

    All got

    What you got? No hole's or stupid price's 91 interior light also needed
  8. Worth holding onto. Please lock.
  9. Snap off looks interesting let us know how you get on I've fancied one for a while
  10. Me to Phil I have an MOT and service coming up soon I will throw some more pics up. I'm still liking the drive feels like a new car still. I'd have another for sure!
  11. The air must be rammed of course.
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