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  1. Gainzy


    £150 last part and I'm done lads who wants a decent box
  2. I'm having alot of work done as we speak. The forums abit dead not sure it's worth a write up tbh just a daily car my TRD fuel cap fit off my glanza though haha
  3. I moved on and do I regret it. No I don't lol. I'm happy. The scene on facebook is utter garbage it died on here a long time ago. I feel a lift off my shoulders now that it's gone but I believe it's important to buy something that has character and a daily joy. So I bought a 96 Toyota MARK2 1JZ to replace my beloved JAM machine practically a chaser 2.5 24 valve turbo. Hope everyone is fit and well.
  4. Gainzy


    Somebody must want a spare. Hate to think I'd be gambling on a facebook one lol
  5. Update needed well over due. It's a great build man.
  6. 2 days then collected on the weekend. Happened quick.
  7. me to I hope so it happened really quick I'm sure it will pop up somewhere in the near future hopefully on track haha
  8. With Harlow jap imports finding the real deal JAM car I guess I just lost all the charisma I wanted more and more done it just became a statue in the garage. Obviously I bought something else to ease the pain!
  9. SOLD went to Birmingham last night. GUTTED.
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