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  1. Me to Phil I have an MOT and service coming up soon I will throw some more pics up. I'm still liking the drive feels like a new car still. I'd have another for sure!
  2. The air must be rammed of course.
  3. You can get AT plug n plays, message import place's they are able to get a hold of them
  4. The inlet on the K1 has a slightly bigger intake. I doubt the hard pipe will slip on but try it anyways. Intercooler will be fine as it retains the stock turbo position and same fitment. Injectors will be fine. Max max 1.1 bar. I'd personally buy a short route FMIC and mount the blow off valve else where, plug and play ecu would also be a big help at this stage!
  5. Optional cargo net was a good find, saved £40. That's pretty much all I'm going for optional wise. I have a tow ball fitted on the back. If I get can get a hold of a trailer I'll be able to tow the V around lmao.
  6. Pick em up for cheap aswell. Get alot of car for the price's! I really liked the Forrester but they do a fair 7k for a decent one. It's not buying it, it's running them. The mpg on these is really good for a big car.
  7. Had the wheels powder coated hyper silver and TOYO tires fitted.
  8. Looks very smart, can't see anymore pics...
  9. Screws clips n shit little bits nothing amazingly interesting
  10. Anyone breaking in the northeast? Need some picky bits?
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