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  1. Up for sale in a little while. Need time to make a page. It's been a pleasure
  2. Looking for x2 for my V. Cheers
  3. I actually need to take a lot more I have not long had it I will hoy some more when I get a chance. I honestly can't fault it, I looked into Saab heard good things aswell as the diesel accords 2.2's and almost bought a quattro A4 after a test drive. They say the volvo is one of the best cars on the road...there's the new V70, I have seen a black one kicking around they look super slick. I don't want to go too far with this but if something was to brake it's getting the best upgrade ha
  4. Little bit spec:- HID's Super chipped 18inch alloys Toyo tyres Window tints all round 6 speed box Optional spoiler, skirts, front lip, rear bumper Half leather Tow bar with electric connections Cargo net and boot cover Wind deflectors I bagged it for a local bargain I looked everywhere. I really wanted a T5 but I couldn't justify the tax and mpg. The actual thing that surprised me is the sound system it has like a centre optional dash speaker it's absolute class!
  5. It really is compared to the starlet lol
  6. Soooo I upgraded from my silver sportif for something a lot more updated, safe and spacious. It's the V50 Rspec 2.0 diesel with alot of extra's in all the right place's. It's such a nice car to be in I really like it!
  7. Looking through this again, I wonder what has happened coming up 3 years
  8. Thanks man yeah it's getting there, yeah I got it for £50 might aswell hoy it on for that price, never heard of or seen one before, I knew about the TRD one's in one of the brochure's.
  9. This is now sold to me Admin to lock please
  10. The joys! Hopefully it will be a snug fit I will see soon haha
  11. TRD lsd is in always handy to have a spare box.. it feels very good! Underseal and fuel tank guard to do next..my buddy has some Advan wheels might try them on for size hmmmmmm
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