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  1. A whole year later and it's funny seeing this post come back up, car is finally getting a Link ECU fitted now, forged 5E and TD04, I sometimes consider posting a progress thread on here but hardly anyone bothers with the forum anymore
  2. Following this on insta, nice work, not seen one of those radiators on a Starlet before, is it a one off custom job or is it from another car? It's a shame hardly anyone posts on here anymore, used to love reading build threads like this and would post my own but it seems pointless when only a handful of people are going to see it anyway. The facebook groups are no where as good as what forums used to be!
  3. Get them from TB Developments instead https://www.tbdevelopments.com/products/polyurethane-shifter-bushes?_pos=1&_sid=e6dd2702c&_ss=r I only use TB Dev and ID Workz for parts, always been reliable
  4. Have you still got the bonnet, wings, and front bumper?
  5. Update again, turbo still not fitted and car not running 😂 😂 however the new engine (forged 5E) is almost ready and I've now got a billet TD04, only a standard 13T sized wheel but plenty big enough for what I want, going for a Link G4+ and Bosch 550cc injectors as well now
  6. Just came across this build again and realised I was one of the last people to post here back in 2018! Anyone know what happened to it?
  7. Always wondered what these are like, as far as I'm aware there aren't any LSD's available for them, so it's just open front and rear with a viscous centre diff is that right? How does it drive compared to a normal EP91? Notice any extra weight? What are the gear ratios like?
  8. Bought snap off steering wheel boss, Nikhil was easy to deal with, quick delivery and item as described. Cheers
  9. What was the total price if you can remember it? I've been looking at Garrett cores but those ITEC cores look good
  10. How much did you pay for the intercooler core? Also I have the same wastegate also bought from TB Dev and it comes with a variety of springs there's a chart online to show different combinations for whatever pressure you want
  11. I've made my own, don't have any pics but I'll try to explain, I used original feet on universal rails, all bolted together no welding required just a bit of trial and error. Get yourself a set of standard rails and some universal rails like this Cut the feet off the standard rails as mentioned, you might need to re drill the mounting point on the new rail to allow for the front to back distance on the feet. You'll also find that the universal rails are too narrow, so simply cut the release bar and you'll be left with two separate pieces to bolt in. Once you've done that you'll need t
  12. Just spoke to my mate yea that's it he sold it to a lad in Wales, that exhaust used to be on my Glanza lol It's a standard 4EFE but everything else is 4EFTE as far as I can remember, inlet manifold, wiring loom, ECU, injectors etc... a forged 4EFTE would drop straight in but I'd advise getting it on a rolling road and checking the air/fuel ratio just to be on the safe side.
  13. I wonder if there was another owner in between then as this is definitely my mate's car it was him who did the 4EFE-T conversion, but he had cut the middle out of the bumper, does it still have the massive angled exhaust? It does look a lot better with the new bumper though it looked hilarious before, literally cut the whole front out of it and stuck the intercooler in there 😂
  14. I'm sure this is my mate's old car, has it got the front bumper chopped out for the intercooler?
  15. Has anyone successfully swapped a different gearbox from another Toyota into a Glanza? I'm thinking MR2/Celica/Corolla/Yaris rather than the wideley known G6/G6R. I know there's been all sorts of discussion over the years of swapping various gear sets into C56 bell housing but what can actually be done? I had my Glanza gearbox rebuilt last year and it's still useless, takes forever to get into 2nd, crunches a lot, feels like someones pouring a bucket full of nuts and bolts between the cogs when changing gear. Absolutely awful and completely ruins the car and as I'm now spending out for a f
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