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  1. Hi all.on the lookout for a passenger window motor for a gt or ep91 if anyone has one in storage. Thank Luke
  2. Hi guys Having a few running issues with my EP82 Seems to fuel fine when cold. And idle fine. But as soon as it gets warm it bogs down when tried to be driven.also a very flat spot when stepping on gas. One think I've noticed is that when it's warm if I remove a vacuum line the car goes from running lean to running better afr. If anyone's had similar troubles like this any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Luke
  3. Hi All. Looking to buy a ep82 engine/ecu loom.over time wires have deteriorated and connectors broken so looking for a full replacement if any members have one around. Thank you Luke
  4. Made a few test panels out of acrylic with the ability for custom engraving.made from 3mm acrylic and some 1.2mm think carbon fibre panels.
  5. Made a few test panels for ep82 out of 3mm acrylic will be doing custom designs. And one carbon fibre. Just fitment to trial now.
  6. For sale: under seat storage tray Item Condition: well used condition. Price and price conditions: £80 plus +£8 delivery charge. Extra Info: never had the runners for the tray so unfortunately these won't be available its just the tray on its own. Pictures: Contact Details pm. Location: Isle of wight Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: £8 delivery Royal mail
  7. Hi Recently changed from wastegate to external wastegate and have a blitz dual sbc is there any one with one installed or have information on where each port goes to. Thanks Luke
  8. Hi all Looking to buy an 38mm external wastegate with spring to run 1 bar of boost fitted. Thank you Luke
  9. Hi all Looking to buy a complete rear drivers side brake caliper . Good and fully working condition. Thanks Luke
  10. hi all. Looking to buy seat belt for passengers side ep82. Luke
  11. Ignition light gumtree may still be available. https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/toyota-starlet-glanza-v-turbo-ignition-barrel-light-rare-jdm-option-/1370264526
  12. Hi all. Currently looking for a drivers side headlamp as mine has cracked.anyone with one for sale would be much appreciated. Luke
  13. For sale my zisco inlet manifold with the extended 5E throttle cable. In good condition. £150+12.50 postage plus PayPal fees
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