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  1. For sale my zisco inlet manifold with the extended 5E throttle cable. In good condition. £150+12.50 postage plus PayPal fees
  2. I'll be in to sounds good
  3. That's a good point.as above I started to drill and tap for holes to use fasteners like washer spring washer with some high strength stud loctite.i to worry about losing a screw but I hope it holds if not it's of to the welders.and rebuilders. I appreciate your reply and advice.will update with pics once complete.
  4. That's a good option thank u for the advice.
  5. Ok that's great thank you for the advice I'll get it all cleaned up and look into getting it either bolted or tacked.
  6. Thank you for the reply.ill go with your recommendation and I'll get it drilled and tapped and get some loctite
  7. Hi guys had my rocker cover welded with AN- fittings at the time had the baffle removed to make sure it was all clean underneath.do you need the baffle re installed or will it be ok without it.
  8. Hi thank you for they reply.will be running blitz ECU and a td04 or the TF035 turbo. intercooler fpr etc its currently running 1bar with the td04 on standard wastegate
  9. Hi all.looking to buy a 38mm wastegate for my turbo setup.along with any advice on the correct spring to run 1bar. Thanks luke
  10. For sale: zisco inlet manifold with thermal gasket and 5e throttle cable Item Condition: used condition Price and price conditions: £210 plus paypal fees Extra Info: used condition never got around to fitting myself but has been previously used. Pictures: https://ibb.co/k7EzLK https://ibb.co/i2iyEe Contact Details: pm Location: isle of wight Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:£10 courier
  11. Cheers socks it worked this time. Thank you
  12. Hi socks. Just tried again getting an error message saying. your only allowed to purchase one.
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