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  1. Hi, I’ll take the ducktail spoiler please 👍🏼
  2. Nice that’s just around the corner from network rail, so feel free to meet us there if it suits
  3. Hello all, Myself and 6 other glanzas will be meeting at MK9 1EN ( network rail car park ) before we head to Silverstone, anyone is welcome to join us and we will be parked up there at 6:45. Let me know on the this post if you’re wanting to join us and we’ll hang about till you arrive. Cheers
  4. Little update, The car has now got new wheels and some cruise rep wings, completely changes the look in my eyes and I love it haha. Now it’s just in need of a polish and I’ll be happy body wise and then I’ll be hunting for some sort of Recaro seats. Thanks for looking
  5. Anyone got some recaros for sale looking to spend around 500ish but can stretch, Cheers!
  6. george97


    Could you get me a price please mate
  7. george97


    Anyone got anything? cheers.
  8. george97


    Hi mate, cheers but I'm gonna pass on these, not a huge fan.
  9. george97


    After some nice jdm wheels. Cheers, George.
  10. Cheers mate Cheers buddy! We'll have to all meet up soon!
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