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  1. Paul_JJ

    HKS BOV?

    HKS BOV?
  2. Zisco Exhaust on Ebay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323154251883
  3. What is wrong with the EBC Discs??? http://www.potn.co.uk/toyota-starlet-13-tu...13_p1140354.htm Pads - I have the Mintex 1144 - good brakes, but squeal is annoying! Heard a lot of bad words about the EBC pads, especially Green Stuff! Braded lines improve about 10-20% brake efficiency! Keep the rear standard - won't notice any difference to uprated, it's not easy/cheap to get uprated pads and discs for the rear! And for god's sake don't put DOT 5 fluid in, it's not compatible with Starlets -))) Use DOT 5.1
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