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  1. Bump. Open to sensible offers.
  2. Thanks for your help Matt! Much appreciated
  3. Hello, Its saying i cannot become a paid member without contacting Admin as i let it expire before apparently...
  4. Hello people, I want to donate to the club as i need to put some adds up and forgot my membership had expired. I've sent a message to someone admin based but still have got no response, Same as when i forgot my username i emailed someone on Admin and again got no response.. Anyone know who i can email that actually sorts stuff out?? Cheers people Scott
  5. Cheers for the comments guys and it doesn't have that exhaust on it anymore
  6. So after selling my white Glanza and going sensible as looking to go self employed i bought a new Caddy Van how ever i went for a job interview before i commited to going self employed and ended up getting a job. So self employed never happened, Kept the van anyway as its handy for chucking my bike in, using daily and commuting to work as its so cheap to run! Anyway had that for around 10 months now and really wanted a toy, Was looking at DC5's and R32/R33 gtr's as they are 3 cars ive wanted since i can remember! I saw a couple of R32's but before i made my mind up they had both sold and then
  7. This is awesome, I was looking at this when i first saw it on HJA's site looks awesome but so undecided between an R32 and a DC5 as wanted both for so long, Decided with the DC5 in the end and this had sold a couple of weeks before i made my mind up. Awesome car and good to see its gone to someone thats clearly going to look after it!
  8. Car mechanic by trade.. But just started my new job 2 months ago maintaining the HS1 Javelin trains.. And part time Motorsport mechanic!
  9. Thought id share a couple more picture i got tonight!
  10. Its running around 330-340bhp
  11. The wing is very Marmite! And its got a full titanium exhaust sounds sweet
  12. Just got my wheels back from refurb thought id share a picture of the end result! (excuse the missing centre cap left it off as waiting for the plastic cap to put in it)
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