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  1. For sale: Toyota Glanza V Turbo EP91 1997 White Item Condition: Excellent Price and price conditions: £5000 Extra Info: I have decided to sell my glanza as i need a more family car and i have a baby now. It was imported by Private Imports in 2009 and I am the only the 2nd registered owner in the UK. It entered the UK having done around 40k miles and in the last 4 years it hasn't seen a great deal of miles - so is sitting around 56k miles just now. The Glanza has lived its life as a garage queen and has not seen a winter yet. The car is always filled up with Shell V power. The car has been o
  2. am in the process of getting out of the army! 6 months to push! YEHA! Its pish!
  3. PAUL7


    looking for a good working gearbox for ep91
  4. what the mix ratio for snowfoam with the karcher lance?
  5. so what would i need to buy then? a link please
  6. going to buy the Kärcher K2 Car Air-Cooled Pressure Washer, can the snow foam be used with this jet wash?
  7. was wondering how much do people reakon i would get if i broke my car?????
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