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  1. Yes white one on eBay atm mate seller is sidewayz Japan . Who I bought the Silvia from
  2. Thanks Phil it is such a lovely car but....I'm going view a chaser this week so might have started this thread for no reason lol.
  3. Looks clean I'm currently working there.
  4. No mate will be keeping it spoiler less . Totally different to be honest mate the silvia is really easy to drive though. Haha thanks mate no this is it for now...
  5. Yeah that's something else on the list to replace.
  6. Hi everyone , I thought I'd start a build thread for this car . I bought the car in November last year the plan was to enjoy it over winter while the skyline was off the road and sell it on. But it's grown on me massively so will be keeping it for the time being. Plans at the minute are new wheels and tyres I'm thinking about a aggressive sizes of work Meisters s1 3pc . Here's the spec list and pictures all stickers have now been removed. 2000 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R **Fresh Import 15th Sep** Outstanding Condition Grade 4 Import **Full service** New Front & rear disc's and pads
  7. This year il get your number and take you out straight away.
  8. Here's some pictures from the shootall ballers stand at jae great bunch of lads. My favourite picture shame I couldn't get the original.
  9. A few parts here/fitted just waiting on my te37s and a shorin carbon fibre front under diffuser. I post most of my updates on instagram so if anyone wants to follow the cars progress my IG is lew777. I've fitted quite a bit of carbon interior pieces just need to get pictures then I will update.
  10. Yeah got a black s15 mate had it four months now
  11. Seen the silver v before . You down there much? I've just put the skyline back on the road so was out on the prowl lol
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