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  1. TrisK

    Starlet Size

    Yeah. I saw the measurements on Google but was hoping somebody might be near their car with a tape I can go down my unit tomorrow and get measurements
  2. TrisK

    Starlet Size

    Does anyone have the measurements of an EP82 front bumper to rear and wing mirror to wing mirror?
  3. plumb the screamer back into the decat
  4. Crank no fire could be a couple of causes, do you have spark? do you have fuel?
  5. If i remember right, they are a bit longer. so with ep91 shocks the back will sit quite high.
  6. If it's a weekend toy. I wouldn't even consider it. The idea is that hot hatches should excite you and turn heads. Modern hot hatches for me are just a bit bleh PS. I have a m135 daily but would hate for that to be my only car
  7. Can't confirm as on my mobile at the moment. But think PM boxes are disabled for users with less than X (maybe 50) posts. As a while ago we had bots signing up and PMing users
  8. I really want to sit and make a connector Megathread for people wanting to build looms
  9. Ive got wider wings up front, never tried with stock so cant comment back i am running 3 degrees of camber and have the inner lip rolled flat and sealed with seam sealer. EP82 has an advantage that you have a slightly narrower rear beam so you do have a bit more room in the rear aches
  10. Im running 15x8 et20 currently. with a 5mm spacer on the front Its wide. Arch work will definitely be needed, also depends what tyre you want to run. if you want to run a 205, then it'll be tight. That is with rear and front camber and +25mm front wings with 195/50 AD08Rs Assume you are running stock calipers?
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