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  1. Just remeber, you do also need a ECU that can support a true variable TPS
  2. Who would be interested in a Cruise style bonnet for EP82 Fiske Automotive have said they can make a batch if we have 10 interested people 50% deposit now and rest on completion Please comment if interested and I'll add to you to a list. We have 9 interested names and are looking for atleast 1 more
  3. why are you back though, thats the real question
  4. What parts are you looking for? I can get you the part numbers
  5. A friend of mine Flint has one of Wills rails in his ep80. Its sound, seems good quality and all the mechs work as they should
  6. Are your events MSA regulated? If so what class are you in? Modified Production?
  7. Its mostly been tucked up in the garage, although as Nick said I bought a new house so have been busy with that however, there are a few updates for the GT I opened up my set of Mk2 lights With the help of one of my friends we shaped Ally backing insets to mould the back of the lights to a flat shape Then i got my fiddly solder on and we end up with something like this: I want to get some diffusion pannels to get rid of the LED dotted look and merge the colours together to make them more fluid, although i havent touched the lights in around 6 months. Also, my new wheels turned up: Custom speced work SP1's. Test fit went well Also the EP3 went and a I bought a new "sensible" daily
  8. unless like you said, somebody has no idea what they've got! haha
  9. Do you know where the other 5 known engines are? The in the shed next to me has a TR8 he uses for racing. just wondering if he has one edit i lie, his a tr7 with a v8 swap! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1112672
  10. There is a guy who has a Glanza V rep in France. Might be some tips in here or you could DM him
  11. No they are all different
  12. The part you have circled is essential the stock recirculating valve (like a dump valve but goes back into the intake). Best thing for you to do is to connect it to the take off in the silver pipe to the far right of your pic. The other side an go to atmosphere. You will need to keep the small vacuum line that runs to the top of it, you can use any sort of silicone hose to replace this with a longer one
  13. Hi George, You havent, as it says member under your name, not Club Member
  14. TrisK

    Discord Chat

    The main issue with Facebook is there is no retention of information Which leads to the same questions being asked over and over and over and over and over again
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