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  1. mine was a biatch to find mate which is why i jumped on a hacked up 91 one that needed work and converted it to 82
  2. what is the part number for this? any links for the freeze/core plug that sits just under the cam wheel? alternatively can i reuse one from another head? prefer the idea of a new one but if they are a dog to source then might just have to do
  3. Are you wanting to buy another one?
  4. Get me a pic and ill see if I've got one the same
  5. Is it any laguna splitter that fits ep82 or just the mk1 x56 laguna?
  6. ill have a close look later see if i can spot one
  7. yo, anyone used the headgasket from this kit in a performance engine - https://japserviceparts.co.uk/toyota-starlet-gt-turbo-ep82-head-gasket-set-made-in-japan-4e-fte.html they sent the kit down accidentally instead of the oem one i ordered. not sure if it will hold beans with my 5e td04 build, what do you think - any good? cheers
  8. Just making my 5efhte into a 5efte by swapping the 4efte pistons into it.
  9. So use the 5efhe rods with the 4efte piston and pins?
  10. Which combo? 5efhe rod and gudgeon pin with 4efte piston. Or 5efhe rod with 4efte piston and gudgeon pin?
  11. Sweet that will save me buying another set at least
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