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  1. great so rip good content structuring for social media shitposting
  2. looking to forge my bottom end on the 5efhe who would be ideal supplier to buy bigger pistons and rods from? or even just forged pistons that can bolt onto the fhe rods? cheers
  3. ...or has everyone written their pocket rockets off this used to b a place to ask questions and loads people jumped in, whats happened??
  4. please dont ask about purchasing or putting your names on items im only gauging value to each of the parts. im thinking of stripping this motor and weighing up options whether to rebuild and sell whole or later on selling as bits etc: Rocker Cover - £? 5efhe Cams - £? 370cc Injectors - £? Magnecor Leads - £? Wepr Mani - £? Genuine Turbosmart WG - £? 16g td04 Billet turbo - £? Wepr downpipe - £? EMB + harness - £? Profec e01 controller - £? Misc bits like oil cover etc
  5. parts condition when removed: Parts after a cleanup note: i removed the black rubber when cleaning ...and lastly the shreaded bearing on piston 4 (seeing as i said 1-3 were goosed, 4 was worst) Crank journal measuremnt (ive had this one ground before so 0.25 smaller then standard) 1 - 43.097 2- 43.074 3 - 43.090 4 - 43.092 Not really much room for more grinding so onto my spare 5e crank which measures at: 1 - 43.366 2 - 43.344 3 - 43.351 4 - 43.356 i rea
  6. clean all over, thats whats got me scratching my head on it. no oil on the outside/engine bay and no oil inside the sump. no holes in the block but oil residue over all the timing gear and belts etc. engine isnt seized but rod 1 2 and 3 are rattling at the crank. sump plug was done up tight too (unless of course this has all been rectified after the issue happened)
  7. so long story short, i sold my starlet to a kid who ragged it to the limiter all day everyday and now ive bought it back for 'spares or repair' as the bottom end has gone. his description was he was just driving and it started knocking and when he got home there was oil everywhere. ive looked and there are no holes in the block or sump. sump has now been removed and the crank and rods are still connected etc although 3 bearings closest to oil pump have spun (due to no oil i guess) question is; where has the oil made its way out? my guess is oil seal either side of crank or blown
  8. mine was a biatch to find mate which is why i jumped on a hacked up 91 one that needed work and converted it to 82
  9. what is the part number for this? any links for the freeze/core plug that sits just under the cam wheel? alternatively can i reuse one from another head? prefer the idea of a new one but if they are a dog to source then might just have to do
  10. Are you wanting to buy another one?
  11. Get me a pic and ill see if I've got one the same
  12. Is it any laguna splitter that fits ep82 or just the mk1 x56 laguna?
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