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  1. Well this hasn’t been updated for a long ass time! So this is gonna be abit of a lengthy read haha so in the past 3 year she’s pretty much had everything rebuilt! Had the head fully reconned and had the m pistons rings replaced as they were seized Had all the brakes rebuilt and fitted new brake lines and hel braided hoses all rust has been cut out and welded then rust treated the coilovers I brought wasn’t the best so had to refurb them fuel tank decided to start leaking so ended up replacing that too had the speed lines powder coated the same time I
  2. As above! Back jacking points are completely rotten! Need to know if there’s a certain way it needs to be repaired so it keeps strength thanks matt
  3. So not updated this for a long time! The starlets now in its home for the winter looking very sorry for itself atm! but the engines out just gotta strip some more then it’s nearly ready for painting the bay still loads more work to do! Got welding, new rear panel to fit as mines twisted, engine rebuild, plus whatever else I find haha
  4. Me and me old man will be there
  5. I had one before and it was useless tbh! As gainzy said they hold moisture in! Mine even froze onto my roof haha just ordered a polytunnel for mine so hopefully that will be abit better!
  6. I used the silverline (I think that's what there called) indicator ones halfords and some red led ones off eBay for the sides
  7. Anyone know if u can get new ones from anywhere? Or will it be a case of finding a straight one off a scrapper
  8. As some of you know I was in a serious car crash last febuary. So I am running the Mansfield 10k this Sunday to raise money for the firefighters charity as if it wasn't for them it could of ended a lot worse! So please sponsor me if u can https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/drongo?utm_medium=email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=20170912_97062
  9. I can bring it with me to jae unless u need it before dude?
  10. Ive got one you can have for nowt pal was just gonna chuck it in with the scrap
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