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  1. She’s done! Runs absolutely perfectly, I’ll admit I haven’t driven the car yet so I plan on taking it for a drive tomorrow. Gave it a quick once over aswell as the oil was thrown all up the back of the car when the oil line split.
  2. Thank you nick, i didn’t realise my membership had run out if I’m honest, I’ll get it paid!
  3. For some reason it doesn’t allow me to edit my first post
  4. Thanks morgey. That’s the link. I just want it to say: Sefton-EP91’s 98 Spec Forged Glanza Thanks.
  5. I’m unable to edit the title of my build thread and was wondering if an admin could do it for me or point me in the right direction. I use to do it via the first post but I don’t seem to have that option anymore. Thanks!
  6. So after a long battle, I have finally got the car to a point where it can be started and flushed out, I’ll be using a cheap alternative oil for flushing then switching to Fuchs 5-40 fully with a fresh filter. So just to go over what’s been done: New ACL Big end shells New ARP Big end bolts New ARP Main cap bolts Cleaned out oil strainer Stripped and cleaned oil pressure relief valve Cleaned and painted sump New genuine sump bolts Heat wrapped down pipe Fitted new Racing lines remote oil line Fitted new Heatshield Products heat proof sleeve to oil line Couple of photos.
  7. I took the circlip out of mine, stripped it, cleaned it all and made sure it was free moving, it’s just a a spring loaded plunger that opens when the pressure exceeds a specified amount! For £48 I think I’ll stick with the one I have!
  8. Shit news I know guys but nothing that can’t be sorted, will be going back together tomorrow hopefully so I’ll update again once it’s back together, the pressure relief valve works perfectly, I’ve stripped it all down completely and cleaned it all out and ensured it works.
  9. Big update.. as mentioned in my previous post the car was booked in for mapping on the 28th March. Before the mapping I decided that the screamer pipe had to go, so literally on the day before mapping, thanks to rob fisher for the recommendation, I got the car over to alpha performance fabrication to have the screamer plumbed back into the exhaust, the work carried out is absolutely perfect. Again thanks to rob fisher for putting me forward to those guys! So on the 28th I set off bright and early for mapping, car drive faultlessly all the way to M-TECH Automotive. Car was then driven into the workshop for some extra work to be carried out, son after the technician working on the car called me over and told me the oil pressure light was on, I had a look at truth behold it was, after raising the car on the ramp it soon became clear that I had a MAJOR oil leak, it was very hard to determine where it was coming from as it was soaked, we drained what oil was left in the sump and we only managed to get around 200ml from it which unfortunately unveiled a nasty surprise, metallic oil! To cut a long story short, I got the car recovered home, I’ve found the oil leak which is down to the remote oil feed line for my oil pressure sender unit for my gauge and also the oil pressure switch. I’ve also stripped the sump off and taken the the main caps off and the big end caps, the main bearings are perfect but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the big end shells. luckily the crankshaft is unmarked, so I’m a very lucky man. I’ve got the following ready to go back together. ACL big end bearings (Thanks to rob fisher again). ARP Main cap bolts. ARP Con rod bolts. Racing lines remote oil line. while it’s apart I’ve cleaned out the oil strainer and also stripped and cleaned the oil pressure relief valve. I’ve also given the sump a good clean and painted it on the outside to clean it up abit, I’ve also got new genuine sump bolts for it from work so everything is as it should be just because a few were odd, I plan on flushing all the oil lines out before it goes back together and running a thin oil through it to flush the engine out aswell. Hopefully should have everything built back up and running by the end of the weekend, then the mapping will be rebooked and hopefully this time I’ll get on the dyno!
  10. So today I planned on getting the car finished underneath but if I’m honest it didn’t really do to plan, painting underneath was turning out to be a much bigger task than originally anticipated so I decided to ditch that idea and just under seal it, i left the arches white as I quite like them as it looks much cleaner. I also managed to get some photos of the exhaust. I also got my AD08R’s fitted so all in all a pretty productive day although not exactly how I planned.
  11. So at the moment this is the best photo I have of the exhaust, I’m still in the process of doing the hammerite underneath the car but this is where is have left it until Saturday morning. It’s has a few coats now, I’ve even started on the black bits and I must say when it dries it looks far better than it did, as said before, it’s pretty clean underneath but in the long run this will only protect it more
  12. Made a start on the cleaning and hammerite underneath! Anyone planning on doing this, take my advice! Don’t do it! It’s an extremely messy job and requires lots of prep, if I’m honest I wish I never started! As you will see from the photos, the whole under side (body) will go smooth white, the rear axle, fuel tank, wishbones and all the other bits will go Satin black. I plan to get the car up on the ramp to do all the final bits to make it easier and I also plan on dropping the suspension after mapping to get round the back of the coilovers and also over the top of the exhaust.
  13. Mine are in fact 15” 7J ET35, although I do run 20mm spacers all round so I get that “stanced” look. My plan when I get the chance is to bring the camber in for a fast road/track setup so I have the added bonus of good handling once all the engine work is complete. Well the mapping is booked and is due to happen on the 28th March @ Mtech-automotive so I’ll voice my opinion once Im done, Like i said I’m having a few extras aswell so keep your eyes on this space. Did you have to do the distributor mod? I had trouble getting mine to start? Awesome, yeh mine has taken a while to get her where I want it but it’s slowly coming to and end. A couple of bits could do with a bit of paint but they don’t really bother me so for now they can wait until next winter! Thanks again for your comments I appreciate everyone’s input.
  14. So today I managed to start the process rolling with the mapping. I’ve got it booked now for the 28th March @ M-Tech Automotive, which is a sister company of ME (motorsport electronics). I’m extremely excited this time round. So at the same time she will be having the new fuel rail fitted along with my 430cc injectors, the launch control will be wired into the handbrake switch and various other bits which are in the pipeline so watch this space! I also finished off the polishing today, tomorrow I’ll get the hammerite out and start with the underside of the car, which will be going white on the body and black on the fuel tanks, rear axle etc so it will be fresh! Plus I’ll get the new AD08R’s fitted
  15. Just a small update, heres a small teaser of the exhaust! I apologise for the dirt, the one day I actually have to drive my car and it’s raining! So because of the rain I decided to give her another once over. She’s shining now
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