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  1. Do fiske do custom cams? If I decide to chuck some cams in, I'll speak with you guys in the summer I think. Still split decided atm lol
  2. Thanks Rob. Issue I have is when td04 blows, I'll put on a gtx2860r or gt3071. So I'm sort of trying to over spec the entire build bar the turbo, so it will only be a quick swap of turbo and retune
  3. As title really, anyone ran some aftermarket cams with a td04 hybrid? Was thinking of getting some of the Fiske Automotive cams
  4. Niiiiice, what's the end goal power wise? And what are the mounts like to make?
  5. Be around 6 weeks from the day it left Japan, and then normally a week whilst it goes through customs here. No idea how it's going to get on the boat, a curb is an obstacle for a jam kit let alone a boat ramp. All our imports arrive jacked up like a 4x4 for clearance lol
  6. Tbh that's what swayed me in the end too, ours are quite similar specs and I dont feel the point in effectively going back. In all honesty, I'm not even sure it's on a glanza shell anymore. I noticed they've listed it as a starlet turbo???
  7. Gave up haha. Left the car in the naughty corner till spring now. I think I'm gonna try and tap them in, and then pull them through with some steel nuts I have. And then pray haha
  8. Legend, thanks! Saves me some pennies lol
  9. So my car has an Exedy organic Clutch, other than injectors the car is ready 300+bhp (Wepr hybrid td04, forged etc). Would this clutch take the torque that comes with 300bhp? Thanks
  10. It's not bad tbh, yep it's a low compression forged bottom end. It's only running 6psi at the moment and even then it comes in hard, harder than a ct9. Will be brutal once its mapped properly
  11. It has pondered on my mind if I should give that a good home. HJA seem reluctant to say the price though which doesn't put much confidence in purchasing imo
  12. Yeh it does seem odd that your ones fit and these dont. I did lose my temper and tried to send it home and it made no difference haha
  13. Well the fensport ones dont fit, the spline count is completely different and wont grip at all. So I'm still looking for anyone that has any info on extended studs pleeease
  14. Thanks for confirming they fit mate 👍
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