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  1. HedgeyGedgey

    Rear Brakes

    Any update on if the rear brake upgrade is going ahead? Or if anyone else knows of how to upgrade the rears
  2. I'm unfortunate enough to have caught Covid 19. Bloody grimey london tubes I blame lol. Then promptly gave it to my girlfriend of course because sharing is caring haha, we're all better now and not showing any symptoms, stay safe guys
  3. I've not no, the TPS isnt a huge issue from what I've read, you can easily map around the rather terrible tps on the ME
  4. Yeh probably upset a few people from getting some good parts off it haha. Plan to get it mapped in the summer, just researching injectors atm
  5. Anyone know where it is now? Harlow Jap Autos said they had purchased it and was on it's way to the UK. Heard nothing since, has someone off the forum purchased it?
  6. Yeh colchester mate, put it this way he likes his drifting and those types of people normally bodge things dont they. So best make sure things are not cable tied on haha
  7. I know who you bought it off, was a local ish car here for a few months. And yeh the owners were clueless on it. They wanted to take the K sports off it to sell, I offered some decent discs, pads, calipers everything for a very fair price and they wanted them basically for free. Then they try to sell the car with bits taken off it for well over what they paid, absolute joke
  8. She lives outside and took the brunt of storm Ciara and dads evo has priority in the garage 😑 so the rain water got to the cam cover. I'm enjoying kicking its head in rather than cleaning it lately haha. Cheers mate
  9. Taxed and insured the car as the weather is starting to improve down in the south east. Just putting some miles on her before it can go off for mapping in the summer The Ksport brakes feel amazing, really confidence inspiring, people who say they're chinese shite need to go out in a Ksport BBK car. I reckon breaking hard enough the rear wheels will come off the ground haha
  10. My car had a TRD dogbox in it around 10yrs ago. Only info I could find was they used a gearset from a Corolla. Straight cut and dog engagement, maxed out at 125mph. Cant find much on it mind. But I dont think it was from a starlet
  11. New steering wheel looks sweet! Is the seating position improved a lot with the new seat? I found on evo recaros was sat too far back and too upright if that makes sense
  12. Yep deffo the facebook thing. Theres groups for literally everything nowadays. I only come on here now to have a nose at the build threads, all technical info is available on the book of faces
  13. Do fiske do custom cams? If I decide to chuck some cams in, I'll speak with you guys in the summer I think. Still split decided atm lol
  14. Thanks Rob. Issue I have is when td04 blows, I'll put on a gtx2860r or gt3071. So I'm sort of trying to over spec the entire build bar the turbo, so it will only be a quick swap of turbo and retune
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