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  1. To update this thread. Car sat around for a good while, life gets in the way as usual. Went to start it about mid September time, just cranking. Had fuel and spark so baffled everyone. Speaking to people in the know, and confirming with ME, the ecu was picking up electrical noise from the dizzy. Great. Had 2 choices, strip back all the distributor wiring, convert it to a different triggering system by grinding some teeth off of the dizzy wheel. Or bin the ME221 off and go to something else. So of course went with something else after that headache, Link G4X Monsoon and a jumper harness ma
  2. Mapping went well 😂 Couldn't get the injectors to seal in the rail, used up the spare o rings I could get, even used the ones on the original injectors to no avail. So recovery back home, fix the rails and going to base map it myself to drive down to the mappers on the 550cc injectors. Bit annoyed it was something simple, but nice easy fix
  3. Not updated this in a while jeez. A lot happened since. Took my girlfriend out in the car (she never goes in this, doesn't have an interest in cars. Thinks they're just a piece of metal blah blah blah) pulled out of a side road. Gave it some shit in first, changed to 2nd and went strught onto 2 cylinders. Great. Compression test shows 1&2 down to 30psi. But 1&4 on 150 (cold engine etc) so likely cause either damaged pistons or headgasket blown between 1 and 2. So set to work stripping the head off Interestingly the bores look a lot better this time round, so I thi
  4. I did hear from a little birdy it werent far from me and Jay. But knowing the dopey dipshit that told me, probably mistaken mine and yours up lol. All she said was theres a full jam kitted white glanza Manningtree way. Only other genuine one I know of is your old one haha. Hopefully the Birmingham lot look after it!
  5. I'm still annoyed you beat me to this at the auctions lol, was only looking for something to load up with parts to save shipping haha. Annoyingly they've stopped that now. Looks a good base tbf, 200bhp-ish mega quick spooling and 4x4 should shock a fair few cars
  6. Christ you don't mess about. Be interesting to see the suspected cause of failure on it. How many miles are on the engine?
  7. Thats gutting mate. I've had the same recently, dumped my oil to find a bit of metal. Spoke with Hurley Race engines and we decided to run it for a few miles and check again, he reckons because mine barely moves. I start it once a week, leave it idling for 2mins then shut it off. He reckons the rich cold start is just wearing my rings out. But now I need to daily it so I've put near on 1k miles on in a month, and atm it seems pretty happy. Time will tell when I dump the oil again sad time for glanzas all over it seemsl
  8. Any update on if the rear brake upgrade is going ahead? Or if anyone else knows of how to upgrade the rears
  9. I'm unfortunate enough to have caught Covid 19. Bloody grimey london tubes I blame lol. Then promptly gave it to my girlfriend of course because sharing is caring haha, we're all better now and not showing any symptoms, stay safe guys
  10. I've not no, the TPS isnt a huge issue from what I've read, you can easily map around the rather terrible tps on the ME
  11. Yeh probably upset a few people from getting some good parts off it haha. Plan to get it mapped in the summer, just researching injectors atm
  12. Anyone know where it is now? Harlow Jap Autos said they had purchased it and was on it's way to the UK. Heard nothing since, has someone off the forum purchased it?
  13. Yeh colchester mate, put it this way he likes his drifting and those types of people normally bodge things dont they. So best make sure things are not cable tied on haha
  14. I know who you bought it off, was a local ish car here for a few months. And yeh the owners were clueless on it. They wanted to take the K sports off it to sell, I offered some decent discs, pads, calipers everything for a very fair price and they wanted them basically for free. Then they try to sell the car with bits taken off it for well over what they paid, absolute joke
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