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  1. So after alot of Google searches and a couple weeks of manufacturing I've managed to source this lovely carbon mid spoiler for the glanza. Now for a deep clean of the car and see how good she looks fitted
  2. Cheers youse, couldnt say on the power at the moment had alot of bits changed and I've turned the boost down to keep it safe so it's probably about 150/160ish
  3. Now for the important bit brakes a nice pair of 6pot ksports with 286mm discs should help stop her abit better.
  4. So first things first some interior so as to save the ears
  5. Hi all think this ones been round a couple people on here already but still a fantastic example of the v's, purchased the little beauty back in January with some nice touches on it hopefully get some more on it in time and see some of you at meets this year boris permitted 😂
  6. Looking for 96 spec glanza rear bench and parcel shelf
  7. Sleeper666

    Glanza v

    Wanted Glanza v, clean bodywork modified or not let me know what you got!
  8. Looking for a ep91 non power steering rack
  9. Okay thanks for the reply mate, If you decided your willing to part with either or both of the ones you have as spare please get in touch as I really love the wheels and dont want to have to run mismatch wheels.
  10. You looking to sell any of your speedlines mate? As I have a set of but one is damaged beyond repair and I'd really love to keep them on my car.
  11. I'm on the Wirral mate but willing to travel to have complete my set of speedlines
  12. Hi I'm after a speedline sr alloy or pair or set of 4 not fussy currently have 3 🙄 and would like to have a full set including spare if possible. I'm trying to restore the original look to my SR so if you can point me in the direction of any for sale or have any your looking to part with I have cash waiting!! So please get in touch.
  13. Sleeper666

    Glanza engine

    Hi got a full forged build with receipts on 0miles built it with the intention of boosting my sportif then decided it was getting to costly so lots of high performance bits aswell!
  14. Very helpful, quick responses and turn around on bits and came as described very well packaged top seller would definitely buy bits off him again!!
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