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  1. That exhaust some real nice parts going into this
  2. RX8 yellow injectors seem to be favoured by mx5 owners, they can be picked up cheap and have a good spray pattern
  3. I would think it being an Auto is the problem
  4. I've currently got a junk passenger in there but up is down and down is up lol
  5. Long shot maybe but does anyone have one, or a suggestions of motors from other vehicles that could be used. Thanks
  6. No torque setting, you need to do it by feel, tighten it up then back it of a bit so it doesn't drag.
  7. I thought the end casing on NA's was the pressed black steal, all turbo boxes seem to have the full aluminium casing. I have never been able to tell the difference although I have seen that some have a raised line going through the selector on the top of the box but I'm not sure this is specific to a particular model.
  8. I managed to spend about 1400 when I did mine as I had to replace my radiator, ignition leads, turbo gaskets, valve guides, fluids, cleaning stuff, filters, miscellaneous new nuts and bolts seals which aren't included in the engine set. Then tools aswell engine stand, piston ring compressor, valve spring compressor, borrow a engine hoist. If you've done similar work before and a lot of consumables are to hand its obviously much cheaper, I don't mean to discourage you but with many thing its easy for it to snowball.
  9. Depending on mileage pistons should still be in spec unless you've cracked an ringland. Bearings , Rings, Gasket set, Oil pump, Water pump, Belt and tensioners will end up being £500 if you're looking to shop around. Then a engine hone and head skim will be additional and you will most likely find things that need replacing when its apart such as service items, engine mounts,pipes, leads etc It depends how thorough you will be but I think it can be around 700-800
  10. I saw that ICP were listing some on ebay
  11. Looks awesome, I didnt know you could get those universal droplinks I've just replaced mine with rubber ones dammit
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