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  1. Do you just fill them all till it leaks back out the filler hole?
  2. Is there any visible differences so you Can tell the difference between the GT box and glanza box's? I'm changing mine and believe it may be a GT box, want to know how much fluid it needs and from reading they seem to hold different amounts? Cheers
  3. Anyone got one in good condition? Thanks
  4. New pads will be spongy till they bed in
  5. I found a company that makes them but they are about £450
  6. Heaters been bled a few times and thermostat is new
  7. My heaters just blow out cold air.....Other then replacing the heater matrix what else is there that could be faulty? Thanks
  8. any got one of these for my glanza?
  9. Yeah i now but my catch tank doesn't have a breather so was wondering if i actually need one??
  10. Ill be running two pipes off the rocker to a catch tank?
  11. Des the catch tank have to have a filter on it? only the one i have doesn't it just has the two hose inlets? Thanks
  12. Funnily enough mine has done the same... was gona go forge but don't have the money for that really, Tunning developments quoted 2.5K for a forged build which is a good price but just can't afford atm so i think I'm bona rebuild standard, new shells/rings etc as I'm only on a CT9 anyways
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