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  1. As title suggests, I'm building a fully forged lump with a knife edged crank and I already have a Fidanza lightened flywheel, but now looking at clutch options...I can only really see that the options for a decent clutch set up are to buy an ACT clutch and mate it with the fly or just go spend the money on a ORC. I am getting the whole bottom end balanced once I figure out which clutch to use but I would love to be able to make this thing as revvy as possible.. Opinions?
  2. Hi mate contact me as I'm coming past Hemel today and pretty interested
  3. Wow that's a clean looking set! Where'd you find them!?
  4. Hutchy has some in the For Sale section mate.
  5. Did you manage to check mate?! :)

    1. Ryan.Truesdale


      forgot went whatsapp me ill check when im home from work 


  6. elikhan


    Noticed mine was looking a bit mullered and in the process of complete forged build. Someone send me a nice clean one please...
  7. Anybody know the part number for 0.25 Taiho bearings? Asked the dealer but they just gave me MK1/MK2/MK3 options and couldn't tell me measurements/if they could supply undersize without a part no.
  8. Toyota only as far as i'm aware. Had mine changed two years ago under warranty from the company who reconditioned the box. £400 something total from what I recall!! Best to try find some used one from one of the lads off here/ebay
  9. I'd also like to have experiences from people that reconditioned glanza boxes, mine was apparently fully recond. before I bought it however 3rd was never right from the start, gotta have that shift technqiue to stop the crunch.
  10. Didn't even realise there was a proper club membership, for the cost of a coffee I had to cop oneof those straight up!
  11. So after lurking these forums for a fair while (enough time to go through two sets of standard pistons to be precise!) i've decided i'd become fully immersed in the starlet scene and of course their engines, making the brave decision to go fully forged! His name is George, and from the day I first saw him turn up in my workshop for an MOT and service back in early 2016 I knew I had to have him! My first jap car in a long list of cars, but seriously the most fun car i've ever driven. Never fails to put a smile on my face and without a doubt will make me sweat everytime I put my foot down! I'm gonna be editing this as time goes on to reflect how he was when I first got him and the things i've done since then (photographer by nature means my images are spread all over the fkn place...!) Here's a nice photo of how he looks after a clean up though... And here he is present day looking sad as f!ck.. After chewing through two sets of ringlands on piston no.3 within the space of less than two years, his time has come to be fully forged. I understand this process takes time so he will be fitted with some standard pistons to be able to move around in and out of the booth, etc while I build up a new block with a freshly recond. head and all the bells and whistles I can afford. I want to try and prove within this build thread that you don't need a crazy budget to be able to build something that lasts and reaches decent horsepower. This is my first ever engine build so I'm really excited to get stuck in and learn a shit ton along the way! I bought a real nice block off a guy down in Bristol yesterday. It's from a project some of you may have seen which went terribly wrong. The block was rehoned and notched by the Rob down at PEC so I've been assured the quality of the work carried out is one hundred and ten percent. A set of forged pistons added to the final deal made it not only sweet but means I have been able to avoid doing work on the block currently sat in the car and it can be put on a stand to spend some decent time with. Also managed to pick up a freshly reconditioned head the same day from a friendly geezer in Taunton! Just been skimmed and had new valves and perfect to use on my new build! Was a mission with me and my misses in my ep3 daily (over 4hrs one way including traffic not included services stops) but well worth it! More updates tomorrow!! E.
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