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  1. Dunno if this is any good to you bro but had this bookmarked for when i finally get round to fiddling with some wires https://www.scribd.com/doc/406445784 Complete ep91 wiring diagram allegedly have a look through that and see if it helps!
  2. Recently started reviving a Glanza I've had sat around for over three years... I'll be updating this regularly with old and new pictures and doing a write up as I go along... 1AO Sunroof model Glanza... No original paperwork so no idea when it was imported... Fitted with what i believe are the original recaro LX-C(?) seats and front door cards. No rears unfortunately so if anybody has access to some give me a shout. Genuine starlet rear strut brace with all plastics still in good nick TRD gear knob and gaitor in also surprisingly good nick. *MPH clocks of som
  3. I'm also very interested in these if Parker doesn't take them.
  4. I'm after a very good condition pulley for my forged starlet build so I can get my bottom end balanced and get on with building the bloody thing! Must not be chipped or damaged if at all possible. hollaaaaaaa
  5. Did mine this evening, put a cusco lsd in my box. Reverse selector was an absolute f*cker and bell housing required each bolt back in to pull in where it fitted down again snug...apart from that the actual removal and refitting of the LSD is easy enough. Excited to see how it performs!
  6. Sick bit of kit that! I'm also interested
  7. As title suggests, I'm building a fully forged lump with a knife edged crank and I already have a Fidanza lightened flywheel, but now looking at clutch options...I can only really see that the options for a decent clutch set up are to buy an ACT clutch and mate it with the fly or just go spend the money on a ORC. I am getting the whole bottom end balanced once I figure out which clutch to use but I would love to be able to make this thing as revvy as possible.. Opinions?
  8. Hi mate contact me as I'm coming past Hemel today and pretty interested
  9. Wow that's a clean looking set! Where'd you find them!?
  10. Hutchy has some in the For Sale section mate.
  11. Did you manage to check mate?! :)

    1. Ryan.Truesdale


      forgot went whatsapp me ill check when im home from work 


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