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  1. Could be the alternator belt, when worn they will go hard and start to slip and screech pretty loud, if the noise is constant, slacken or remove the belt to see if noise goes or not.
  2. Hi am looking for spares

    Bucket seats

    Td04 and manifold

    Uograded suspension

    Front mount

    Anyone with anything to offers please dont hesitate and contact me thanks guys !!


  3. If the motor is working when adjusted from inside you should hear it work. When putting adjustment to highest number they should dip to max level. Might be worth checking fuses. Im not sure all starlets have this. If its a gls it should.
  4. The plastic caps are just for the colour, you will see what i mean when you get a bulb out there might be more than one size but i cant remember. Im sure someone on here will know i think they are t5 wedge bulbs? Might be a couple of some t10 as well. Cant remember. They are not expensive so just buy a couple just in case, if not needed, keep as spare bulbs for front sidelights
  5. The hardest bit is getting the speedo out. You might have to get the speedo cable off from underneath by removing the footwell plastics. After that its just a case of changing the bulbs for new ones. I would just get standard bulbs, led ones can start flickering after a while. The bulbs have a soft green plastic cap on them for colour. Put that one and your sorted. When putting speedo back in test the bulbs work by putting the connectors back in first.(bulbs wont work if they are in the wrong way). Then do speedo cable last.
  6. Check your downpipe for oil, it will take some time before it burns it all off.
  7. Use genuine pre-mixed red toyota coolant. You can get a 5ltr can for around £25.
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