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  1. Try just to earth the horn button. The horn Button should not need a live feed as gets power from the relay.
  2. The horn on steering wheels normally just work when the earthed. make sure the earth connection is good on steering column The horn itself has a power supply and bracket is earthed to the body of the car. hope that helps
  3. I think the only reason the noise is going away when you turn the steering is because the engine rpm is changing. The engine sounds like the bearings are worn. This noise will be louder when engine is warm whilst at idle. Oil pressure lower so you can hear it more. what did the mechanic replace? Because it sounds like you have same problem.
  4. The rpm limit on a 4EFTE is 7200rpm. Thats probably the issue. Your missing 700rpm, so that would add to the top speed
  5. No it will make that without the piggyback. with the piggy back you should make 170-200 with the right supporting mods. Depends again on what boost you run. i would say 0.8 or 1 bar being the norm.
  6. First of all you cant remap the standard ecu. You will have to get at least piggyback to if your thinking that route standard ecu with the right mods like front mount intercooler, decat and good condition turbo should make around 150-170bhp. So many variable like engine condition will make a difference as these engine are getting 20+ years old now.
  7. From memory i think the Bolt head is 14mm.
  8. I needed a new intercooler as my old one had weathered pretty bad. The fins were turning in white aluminium powder plus i wanted to change the setup a little. I measured up and this is the biggest i can fit with my setup. The hotside will remain very short and the cold side will be a little shorter inside the chassis leg as before. This is only 5mm thicker than previous intercooler so should fit ok. I hope 😅 back front top Will be mocking up soon to see if any mods will be needed to make it fit. I want to retain the crash bar.
  9. Yeah its a Silver crown saloon. Cant believe how smooth they are. My one is bone stock auto at the moment. Thats a another project to my list. 1. starlet 2. crown (daily) 3. Mk1 Leon cupra R (wifes car) They are all turbo petrol cars 😎 When i start working on crown probably put another build thread on here. I plan only to change wheels on exterior keep a nice plain look. Want to make a sleeper
  10. Thanks for reply. 👍 I will try and make one like yourself.
  11. I had similar issue with ignitor, they are earthed through the bracket and mine was loose. Its always the simple things 😅
  12. On first start up the standard ecu runs rich until warmed up. Then it will lean out. I assume you have a wideband AFR gauge to monitor this?
  13. How did you wire in the k20 coils? A little explanation would be nice. Im got k20 coils and me221 as well.
  14. Its been over 2 years since i have worked on the starlet. Cant believe it. 😱 But now thanks to prolozone treatment on my back I can do things now. Thank god! I also bought another Toyota family car. Its got a 1JZ, 😊. anyone want to guess what it might be? Thats a another project which i hope to start doing more on after starlet is back on the road. That way i will have a car to drive if one is being worked on. Now the life storey is done I will start updating this build soon. Got loads of little bits recently
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