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  1. Right. Cars been at mechanics. Had a knocking crank, so that’s been replaced. And engine has been running perfect, but I’ve still got a knocking from my engine. Car runs and drives flawless. if I hold the steering hard left or right noise goes away. But when I let go it comes back. Anyone any ideas what could be causing it. FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Still own the forum but as the cars been off road for near 4 years I haven't been active. I'm hoping to have this sorted in a month or so. Possibly be up for a meet. Be good to see how many are still round scotland. I've seen one or two in aberdeen that weren't around wen mine went off road.
  3. Looking for admin to respond to my message. Been on this site 9 years. Can't post a sales add, as not member but won't allow me to buy membership as says I'm already member. Have been asking for help here for two months.
  4. Wel folks. I have now completed , 10k ,5k, skydive, and am doing the first bungee on Saturday. Was hoping there was a few more generous people on the forum willing to donate some penny's. So feel free to follow the link above. All donations appreciated. Thanks again for looking. Stuart
  5. Anyone else feeling generous
  6. Baker Hughes complete, 54.33 done, and seven challenges to go. Trying to keep donations going. Anyone feeling generous https://www.justgiving.com/Stuart-Fraser10/?utm_id=8. Thanks in advance
  7. One week till my 10k. Start of 8 events. Anyone feeling generous
  8. Anybody else feeling generous.
  9. Hello folks. I'm fundraising this year to raise money for, Guide Dogs For The Blind. In total this year I'm doing 8 events with all money raised going directly to the charity. Baker Hughes 10k : complete in 54.33 Colour me rad 5k 150ft bungee 150ft swing 130ft midnight bungee 10000ft skydive Firewalk Nippy dip. With the start of my events taking place on 17th of may I've decided to see if anyone on the Ukso would be generous enough to spare some change for my cause. Any help is greatly appreciated. You can do this by visiting, www.justgiving.com and looking for Stuart-Fraser10. Or by
  10. So who the silly starlet thought he could race with the rally cars. Joke. Think these pocket rockets would be made for rallying.
  11. Has it got any pipes with it. Or is it just core?
  12. The greedy fmic. (just for show) wat u mean?
  13. Would also possibly take this for u. Have pmd u but not had a reply
  14. I bought it in June cammy r. Wasn't another the same colour til I spotted one couple of weeks back. Big standard caddy just same colour body.
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