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  1. hi I had my forged glanza mapped yesterday Made 271hp 320tq I went out on a "private road" to see what I can get out of it. In 5th gear at around 120mph it feels like I've hit a brick wall the car just cuts. As far as I know the e manage ultimate removes the speed limiter on the car. Its also converted to mph Standard glanza box non Ltd 195/50/15 tyres and 6520rpm rev limit If anyone can lead me in the direction of the problem it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Do you know what I would need to set my fuel pressure to?
  3. Hi guys. I have a forged glanza V, I have recently bought all the bits to finally run some power since the cars been forged in 2014. The current setup is a externally gated TD04. the map on the emanage ultimate is for a TD04 @1.2 bar I’ve been told. When I’m getting it fitted I’m also going to get my 440cc injectors, fuel pressure regulator and my Walbro 255lph fuel pump on. would I have any problems? Also what do I set my fuel pressure to.. anything else I need to do?
  4. I’m not sure of that. Putting the injectors in at the dyno shouldn’t be a problem but would the car run and drive with the standard injectors on the e manage? Tia👍
  5. The e manage is used and it has a map on it for a td04 @1.2 bar you reckon it would be an issue
  6. Really and truly I would like something like a me221 but I just can’t justify spending that much on the car right now. also once I’m ready for a map. Do you guys recon it’s safe to put on the 430cc injectors, fuel pump and e-manage ultimate on and drive from London to Leicester?
  7. Well tuner isn’t managing my spending so I guess I’ll have to find a tuner that tunes the ECU that suits my budget
  8. I don’t think they do e manage ultimate other wise they would be my first choice. Gordon @ streetracers does it but he’s a long drive to Leicester
  9. Have you got the link for these injectors mate. I had a fuel rail to go on but I need to buy an-6 to 8mm fuel pipe fittings etc etc. Seems a bit of a headache to do when there is direct swap injectors.
  10. Hi, I’ve got a forged Glanza that I want to get mapped. I have a e manage ultimate ecu. Anyone know of any mappers in the south east. I’m in London so closer the better. Thanks I’m advance
  11. Ok I'm gonna pm you. Sorry about the late reply
  12. I haven't got a full kit but I've got a brand new Zisco M/S Downpipe for TD04 manifold. Never been used still in original bubble wrap if that helps
  13. Hi I've got a brand new zisco td04 downpipe to suit zisco ramhorn td04 mani. I'll let it go for £90 its brand new not even been test fitted. Still in bubble wrap. Pm me if any interest
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    I've Pm'd u about something bro
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