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  1. a very enjoyable day im sure!! Whats the spec on this starlet roughly speaking (know all about your white 2zz setup but not aware of this green machine) Phil
  2. been down this road myself and totally agree that's just the way it has to be sometimes lad. everyone understands even if its not ideal. Tuning within your budget it is a very satisfying journey, Phil
  3. Quality Stuff Ryan. Look forward to seeing this out sprint / hillclimb with Adzy in the not too distant future Phil
  4. youah

    Hello Phil,


    I saw in a post that u used a skyline TPS on an standard throttlebody.

    Do you got any pictures are schematics how you connected it?

    There are two plugs on the skyline one and i have no idea how to connect it.





  5. Super thread - great read keep it up ryan Phil
  6. Can ship you a Wilwood setup pm me or find me on Instagram pmontgomery82
  7. I think I still have these lol anyone need a set Phil
  8. Haha me too follow on Instagram for updates philipmontgomery82 panels getting finished then off for fibreglassing slow and steady Phil
  9. Had a wee run in Adzy glanza at a trackday as he is testing before next years sprints/hillclimb and made me miss the Gt. Phil
  10. 4pot wilwoods. Think I was talking to you on Facebook Can't recall how that chat finished up so zero pressure if they weren't the kit for you. Phil
  11. Phil


    No problem. I have my good days haha
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