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  1. Little update trying to make time to crack on with it, This is how its sitting at the moment waiting to go to the body shop to get painted. Got the lower radiator hose attachment welded on the other side This is how things are now will have a big update this weekend comments welcome
  2. No it doesnt the only thing on it is a sticker saying APM - 70150
  3. If there is all Japanese writing on the box and www.apexi.co.jp on the box is it fake ? I thought apexi was USA ? any help will be great.
  4. As above is there any way to tell if a apexi gauge is real ? and not a fake copy?
  5. As title says looking for ep82 roll cage (non sunroof), zep live sports spoiler and 4 pot brakes anything about ?
  6. GT Phayer

    GT roll cage

    Hello does anyone have a roll cage for sale for a starlet gt ?
  7. I am looking to install kill switches on my gt soon and was just wondering what i need to make it all as safe as possible and how to install it. Any info will be great. Thanks.
  8. Little update got my new catch can bolted on and bonnet struts Next was to get the dash back in after it was flocked And got my perspex windows finished just need to put black edge on the rear ones. More to follow
  9. Does any one know if its left to right or top to bottom on the plug ?
  10. Another update on this still waiting on parts so progress is slow. Finally got the doors sprayed and finished Next i tackled the long job of relocating the engine bay fuse box to make some room. This is where it will now live Next got the rocker cover welded up all fitted And after spraying it various colours this is the colour i chose, Now needs to be prepped and properly sprayed More to come soon comments welcome
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