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  1. Think the sills rotten and gone i was in the raffle
  2. Gaterhing up lovely be some car when all fitted night and day I'd say
  3. Wish I had the money for when it does come up came with recaro if remember correctly
  4. I had my gt for 4 years and loved it every day. The day it left I was heart broken I'm 4 years now without it and keep telling myself one day I'll be back in one. I will make it happen as its my dream car. I'll only use it on a nice weekend as my little hobby. Yes people think grow up get a real car etc... but it what makes you happy and they do stock or big bhp . A lot people even come back after evos skylines etc... just something about them. My thought off it.
  5. Rosso321

    Glanza s

    Looks crashed mate the lines aren't great on body work must off got the parts of ff a 96 to get it looking that way. See the lights and bonnet looks off. Pity
  6. He just stopped for a while but says he's going back at it this year. Tbh I don't know what else can be done to this beauty
  7. Rosso321

    Boost gauge

    If you change your mind man I've an electronic one
  8. Mine came from Holland and was intact but it's nerv recking
  9. Wow can't wait to see this gt again love the work and attention to detail. I'm sure the misses say wish you be into cleaning the house like the gt lol
  10. What morgey said. I had a problem like this was making knocking noise thought was shocks and rear bearings and turned out to be the rubber in the panrod.
  11. I'm telling yea man jdm auction be ringing yea because the japs what her back. Lol as socks said get Jim to clean that showroom and tell him to get the red carpet out for the gt. Joking aside truly the best gt I've laid eyes read or heard about and delighted to see she's in good hands and the work to go in to her let alone the time off a family man credit were it's due man. I know it will never be finished always something g but to me it perfect the way it is. Best thing about this build it's a daily and you get to enjoy driving her and doing what you have to. BOOSTING
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