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  1. The shifter bracket on the gearbox is slightly different iirc
  2. It won't remove rust, just helps prevent the inset of rust if surface/area has been prepared properly
  3. Trouble is size of the engines and transmissions, most won't fit between the chassis legs on a starlet
  4. Don't think it's been done, but similar things I want to know because I wanna do it at some point in the near future, 1nzfe out yaris t sport 105bhp. And shares c gearbox with starlet, I'm sure 2 of the mounts fit stock starlet mounts
  5. I turned my go pro on once and my mic played up haha
  6. No I'm making a right pigs ear of putting a bucket seat in mine I've hacked up the old seat and struggling now to get new one in that's not higher than the original
  7. I wouldn't trust any 20+ year old stock fuel pump even at stock power levels
  8. Does this change with speed nick? Thinking it could be alignment out.. If not then then might be experiencing a similar problem to me, think the rack might be shock and leaking fluid past the seals. Best way to check is to take one of the rack boots off. Mine were wet through inside. Will
  9. Mild steel for longevity, then wrap it in some good quality heat wrap.
  10. Can anyone tell me pin outs on a 96 glanza for a universal remote locking kit. Really just the bit that controls the original locking?
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