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  1. Just a quick one is this the correct coolant for a glanza and how much do I need to do a complete change. Halfords OAT Ready Mixed Antifreeze 5 Litres Thanks https://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=255224&productId=160508&storeId=10001
  2. Okay thanks before I go ahead and buy some of that stuff does anyone know if this stuff would be any good for the suspension as I have a bottle of it in the garage it's called vactan. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VACTAN-RUST-CONVERTER-AND-PRIMER-1L-RUST-TREATMENT-5-50-shipping-option-/122473698488
  3. Does anyone know if Hammerite Waxoyl Aerosol stuff would be okay to spray on my BC coilovers as they have slight corrosion and I want to remove it. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/specialist-decorative-paints/hammerite-waxoyl-rustproofing-for-cars-aerosol-400ml-clear Or is there anything else I can use instead?
  4. Just a quick one what is the hub nut torque setting for a front wheel bearing on a glanza. Cheers
  5. I will get all that check thanks gorganl Idrees are your front wheel bearings specifically for a Toyota Glanza or are they just standard starlet wheel bearings? I have ordered a new wheel bearing for the Glanza and I have received the bearing and I have done a quick google of the part number LBK8362 and on one website it does not list Glanza and only says its for a standard starlet is this the reason I could be having issues or are the LPB wheel bearings fine? do all suppliers send Starlet wheel bearings as they are the correct front wheel bearings? Cheers everyone for th
  6. That`s cool I will have a look at getting the tracking & alignment done after fitting a new bearing, Are the bearings from ID-Workz any good?
  7. Were does everyone buy there front wheel bearings from for a Glanza? The reason I ask is because I have had to replace both my front wheel bearings x2 times now within a year and it is really annoying me. I have just recently had both front hub flanges replaced and wheel bearings but the wheel bearing has gone again so this is going to be the third time I have got to replace the front bearing but this time it has only been 5months. Does anyone know why my front wheel bearings keep failing on me I have just been buying them on ebay.
  8. I am using a hks actuator and what is wire on the TPS how do I check this?
  9. Hi My glanza is holding back on full boost I thought it was fuel cut so I turned the boost down to 0.6 but it is still holding back and feels really sluggish it just feels like it's got no oomph and I have noticed the boost does creep up to 0.7 then back down to 0.6 anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  10. As the title says I'm after a good condition Drivers side rear caliper for glanza
  11. Also my cobra alarm has not been working properly latley for some reason if I press the button to unlock the doors or disable the alarm it dont always work now for some reason you have to keep pressing it loads of times but this did not work earlier.
  12. Cobra alarm was going off I try pressing the button on my key to stop it but did not work I opened the door and it stopped but I tried to start the car and it did not start the battery is brand new but I have not driven it for 2weeks now would a brand new battery die that quick without driving it or has my cobra alarm drainned the battery dead or is my alternator broke and need a new one of them or is it just my cobra alarm that has had it? I have now disconnect the batter to stop the alarm going off.
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