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  1. Any links? Seems to be many variations
  2. After a new alternator for my Gt turbo i need the one from a mk3/glanza I believe with the square/oval type plug....not the round plug where is best to find one new? cheers guys
  3. Also why’s it so hard to find one in the uk?
  4. Is there anything I can measure to confirm this? cheera dude
  5. Hey guys, i need a new v clamp after my wastegate literally fell off while driving. I’m not sure what size v clamp I need, can anyone identify this wastegate Cheers
  6. Yeah I’m looking for the threaded adapter for the block
  7. Purchased a second hand turbo setup with braided oil feed line. Annoyingly the end that connects to block doesn’t mate upto my block as it isn’t banjo style (see picture). I’m guessing I need a screw in part for the block to allow braided line to screw on. Anyone able to link me correct item I’d need?
  8. Any chance of pictures? I’m not sure if they are same, can anyone confirm?
  9. Does anyone happen to have the following item from a broken ep82? Or know where to get new item? im after the bar that as far as I’m aware is bottled on, it goes from the top slam panel to the lower panel. Also any better pictures of item I’m after would be greatly appricated See circled picture (not my car)
  10. Had a search and can’t find anything online. sadly can’t run fog lights now I’ve put glanza washer bottle in as the rear of fog light hits bottle quite abit and won’t allow bumper to be fitted so my question is what can I put in the fog light hole? Any blanks about on shelf? Any air ducts? ideas and pictures please guys
  11. Ive now done this but bumper no longer fits with fog lights? Fits with fog light removed, how did you get around this?
  12. Also know as a AFR (air fuel ratio) gauge. You can get narrow or wide band. Quote from online: “A narrowband AFR gauge uses your cars stock O2 sensor for data. ... A wideband O2 gaugeuses a much larger voltage range to determine the AFR. A typical wideband will use 0-5V. This allows for much more precision” See link for examples, can also get other brands such as AEM, there’s always been a long debate on the best brand of gauge. https://www.innovatemotorsports.com/
  13. Could always wire in a wideband gauge using the spare hole
  14. It’s meant to be for the 02 sensor/lambada sensor. Without it’ll be pretty poor on fuel but most people claim it shouldn’t affect running
  15. I’m guessing this is everything you have but worth a ask...Any glanza washer bottle and coolant bottle by any chance?
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