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  1. Need an EP82 Washer bottle if anybody has one forsale
  2. Right slowly but surely getting it up to MOT standard next on the list FAN!!!! its got a smaller Radiator on but what size fan and fitting kit do I need and where abouts do I buy a tried and tested one from cheers?
  3. what size rad do i need as i have the smaller radiator but no fan so need to buy one
  4. Yea plastic undertray that goes between engine and road
  5. How common/ucommon are the engine bay under trays?
  6. Well decided to put original top mount on until I can sort out new piping
  7. Where it comes out of turbo have you got any pictures as mine rubs against the exhaust
  8. Managed to get abit of the front mount mocked up but the ram horn manifold is fouling so may have to ditch the ramhorn
  9. Mate fitted the rad for me today and then realised he’s got bracket wrong way round now it’s peeing down so cuppa tea time it is
  10. Well that’s me finished for the evening
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