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  1. Currently working on reconditioning my fuel tank. It wasn’t in too bad of a condition but I now know why they rust so bad as the paint came off very easily.
  2. Destroyed some ep82 spats and made them fit the ep91 bumper I’d say I cut off over half of the original material.
  3. timing belt is fairly simple to do yourself 4E engines have a non interference head so if it the belt snaps no damage is cause
  4. Drivers door above or below the latch there will be a sticker with the wheel and tyres sizes
  5. this is brilliant especially when people don't know what the car is
  6. Rocker cover finished up Designed and laser cut bracket for fpr
  7. power steering belt can do this as well
  8. Got bored in work... Just need it all welded now
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