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  1. New shell bought. I wasn’t even looking one but it popped up and was cleaner than mine so have it home lol. Now taking all my bits out of the white car, kinda sad to be honest I’ll miss the old girl. Keep it red or paint it white? (Oem red glanza shell)
  2. I had my p clip cable tied to the coilover then ran line
  3. Thinking about milling the top off and milling out my own plate and weld it on lol. Ott
  4. Good to see pal! It won’t be long until the 1st win comes along
  5. Sent you his number
  6. How has everyone mounted their coilpacks?
  7. Hi pal you only use the plug with the wires out of it.
  8. I know of oem lsd box and everything to go with it located nortern Ireland
  9. UNREAL CAR! if only half of them where like this
  10. Glanza callipers are the same carriers are different just to allow for the larger disc
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