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  1. So I’ve had a quiet whine coming from the gearbox area for a while now, all of a sudden last night on boost it felt like something completely broke apart. It still goes into gear but it crunches and squeals really loud to the point it jerks the whole car if I’m trying to accelerate. If I sit at idle you can hear something grinding and then when I press the clutch you can hear it slow down and eventually stop. It stills goes into gear fine although reverse is quite a struggle now UPDATE: today I went to move it a couple of meters, lots of crunching and it felt like something locked up, now I can’t engage any gear with the car on or off. And I can’t push the car backwards even with the clutch pressed and the car off. It’s as if I’ve parked it in gear even when in neutral. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, it’s an OEM LSD box
  2. So I’ve just bought some ignis recaros with Glanza feet welded on for my ep91, however they sit so high up my head nearly hits the roof. Does anyone have experience mounting these seats in a starlet or know how I can get them to sit lower down? Would be a shame to have to sell them as they’re such nice seats
  3. WANTED Td04 manifold for internally gated setup
  4. Thanks @Paton found that guide to be a good read as well, appreciate it!
  5. How much power could be made with a td04 mapped with an emanage blue, whilst staying with the stock fuel pump and injectors?
  6. Looking for an ep91 blitz access ecu
  7. Need a clean drivers side glanza door in 040 white, preferably whole door with or without lock barrel as I’m transferring locks over. I’m not sure if this matters but it’s a 98 spec with electric windows, electric folding mirrors, central locking
  8. @gazza g I took of the pipe from the cone filter and blocked it with my hand so no air could enter the engine, I could hear the whistle of the engine sucking in air from somewhere else. The revs on idle are a bit jumpy, they vary from around 550-900 once warm and seem to make the steering wheel vibrate quite a lot.
  9. My 98 glanza is suffering from a loss of power. It’s completely standard other than a boost gauge. I sprayed some liquid around suspected areas to see any bubbling and nothing was found. I then took the intake pipe off and blocked it to see if the car cut out and strangely enough it carried on running and I could hear the car pulling in air from somewhere else. Any ideas on where this could be? It sounded like it was on the intake side. Also the car makes the correct amount of boost when driving so I know the turbo is creating enough boost. thanks in advance for any help
  10. I’m getting error code 34 after bypassing the boost solenoid due to car overboosting (it overboosts in all gears). when solenoid is connected back up the car is no longer over boosting at all and engine management light disappears. any ideas? Car reaches around 0.8 bar with no solenoid and 0.75bar with stock solenoid Car is completely stock as far as I’m aware. Thanks for any help guys I’m new to starlets and any help would be appreciated
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