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  1. Nice.. a say alot of these Starlets are tucked away in the Garages now a days.. Love the wheels,u keeping them that colour.. The lights are class lol something aye haven't seen on a starlet before lol flashing LEDs, cool
  2. Wish there was more life on it too.. Mayb every1 needs to organise a forum Meet hahaha.. What plans u got for GT man? I've jus put a deposit down on a Livesports Spoiler that aye have been after for years lol
  3. Love this Mk1 GT... Is it tucked away in the Garage or what's happening too it..
  4. Did u sell all your GTS or u actually doing a Restoration Build on this White 1 or what's happening?
  5. Nice GT man.. n it's good to see 1 ATM in an updated build thread lol forums not busy recently lol
  6. What happened or who ended up with this Gt
  7. Nice GT.. hello and welcome.. Get a build thread up on the Forum and keep us upto date with what u plan on doing with the Gt.. As above fantastic cars n aye love them lol
  8. Welcome.. let's see pictures of your Starlet
  9. Hahaha,can't mind what aye done way them bulbs you gave me man,ended up going to Halfords lol
  10. Also got 4 new bulbs and put it back to factory double din,rear lights lol
  11. Also Took the Sunstrip off,and took the worn down GT turbo decal of and orderd new 1s.. Also got nice New Blue Hel braided brake line kit too.. Few pics to follow,so can't wait to get the Livesports spoiler painted n put on .
  12. Atleats the walking will keep u Fit lol.. did he lol Golfs r boring anyways... Tell him to MOT it and get out boosting again lol or u take it.. Also a just put a deposit down on a genuine Livesports Spoiler haha about time 1 popped up.
  13. Cool,am not sure if much people even use the Forum anymore,Shame lol.. yea think a follow you on the Insta. Will check it out looks a crazy car at 400odd bhp
  14. Can u not rent a Garage out or is it hard to get 1 over in England... When u starting on your Starlet then Lad?? Nice daily the Golf n use the starlet as a weekend Toy hahaha.. I'd buy if he plans on selling it,has he done much to it since he's bought it of me that time? Or he should Raffle it lol bit of fun..
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