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  1. Can you recall if it was hidden/tucked in inside the trims or it was just there hanging in wait ?
  2. Thanks for taking the time to take these westie. I take a peak at it although I don't get my hopes up since my starlet did not have any speakers at the back. I also need to figure out how to take all the trims out. I did the front trims but not the rear ones yet.
  3. Hey Westie thanks for this reply. I have already run the first cable up to a point (still need to figure out how to get the rear trims near the wheels off). Is it possible you can make some photos of the spots you mention?
  4. well long story short i was kind of amazed to have electric mirrors and full electric control of all the windows lol + the already mentioned central locking. unfortunately mine does not have a rev gauge 😕 i replaced the stereo recently on my oww. I have to say for someone like me that does not mess with cars it is a plessant experience. As a mechanic friend told me...starlet is the best vehicle to learn things.
  5. Yeah Sam..i could not believe it my self that the version of ep91 i got had more extras in its full edition than my Citroen C1 2008 full edition Wayyyy more extras! 😅
  6. yesterday i also got rid of a relic Clarion and installed a new sony. With a bit of advice from a mechanic friend of mine on the phone i got the wiring done and it plays fine. When someone in here tells me how to remove the inner side plastic things on the floor that hold the carpet i will also install a couple of good 6x9 in the back 😛
  7. So i took it to a locksmith and after tampering with its internal contacts and what not it actually start working. In fact it works great. Needs rather close proximity but what the hell...am not complaining!
  8. So when I got the car I thought how nice...it has a remote for the locks which is convenient. But...it wasn't working . I thought this is easy I will change the battery on the control. That wasn't it... Any ideas where to go from here?
  9. Ok, so it was rather easy after all. Took both panels off cut the old ones and connected 2 new JVC ones. Simple with duct tape, a bit more decent sound. Next step is to run 2 oval speakers to the back like the ones @Logsdon has. Last step is to get the old Clarion unit off and replace it with a modern one.
  10. vaios

    poor mans joy

    So what is ,in your opinion, the minimum and applicable way to give an automatic ep91 1.3l 75hp a bit of a boost without damaging or changing its gearbox? sorry admins dint think this could be post in any other category...
  11. sorry for wasting feed space but i was strolling through the sales section and the starlet you sold was just wow man...BEAUTIFUL!!!

  12. As it seems this topic is something lots of people are searching for to buy as a hard copy. eg.ebay If any admins think this post is a waste/duplicate please delete it. Thanks and sorry
  13. Any solution that does not require any soldering? 😅
  14. Ok so I made a first step and removed passengers cover to see what is what. Although I am skilled in computers I am afraid to touch almost anything in a car that I don't know about. Especially when it comes to voltage etc. I can at least try and replace these which is a cheap solution for starters. Thinking of Sxe-1025s Alpine 10cm 4' I might need your help on connectors. If all goes well I ll need your advice on how to properly run cables to the rear and cut holes for better speakers.
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